PURPLEBRICK Raekwon/G.easy

This is one of those classic Raekwon tracks. The word 'epic' is what comes to mind after you hear the production, a transcendent sound bridging generations of hip hop. G-Eazy is the feature on this track, his addition to The Chef makes this song more than just a typical rap song.

The visual is a performance based video that is set in Los Angeles, Ca. As the track begins, we open to a overhead shot of a beautiful model walking thru the courtyard of a plush L.A. Mansion. The Chef is then revealed, posted outside the foyer or balcony of the mansion. He spits his opening verse as he roams through the luxurious mansion. Opulence is the impression. The Chef moves through the mansion like the Boss we know him as. The camera moves with The Chef as he delivers his verses A second beautiful model will accompany The Chef as he performs. Shots of the mansion, both interior and exterior will be captured along with the dynamic shots gathered of the models casted. Some of the broll shots captured of the models in this setup they will be using the very popular KandyPens. Along with The Chef blowing smoke from his KandyPen the models will also blow Vape smoke from the KandyPens.

The Chef has a dog something dope like a Doberman or a Greyhound. The dog is his sidekick as he walks thru the house. We capture a scene of Rae on the grounds talking as he throws the ball letting the dog fetch .... something real Boss.

We will capture a scene with Raekwon and his female lead. She will question him about his business and just like the scene in Godfather Rae becomes upset. He lies to her hoping she will stop the line of questioning. When she leaves the room she looks back and see a few guys greeting Raekwon as the Boss at this moment she knew she was lied too.

Moving forward in the visual, a luxury vehicle is riding through the streets of Los Angeles; simultaneously an old school muscle car is captured pulling up to a discreet location (i.e. L.A. river bison, parking garage, field overlooking the hills. . Raekwon is revealed being driven in the backseat of the luxury car. Cutback to a person getting out of the muscle car. The person is filmed from behind in order to keep from revealing who they are just yet. A suspenseful buildup is created as it appears that Raekwon is headed to meet with this person. As G-Eazy's verse is about to take place, he is revealed posted up against the muscle car as delivers his verse. While G-Eazy spits his verses, the storyline depicts Raekwon pulling up to G-Eazy in the discreet location. This is a definitive moment in the visual, because this is the first time you see The Chef and G-Eazy together. In this setup we will capture G-Eazy's solo performance and a master performance with Raekwon and G-Eazy.

As the gangstertail reads G-Easy is a hit man, one of them cool, calm, and calculated type. When him and Chef meets. Rae hands him a picture of somebody he needs taken care of. G-Easy scans over the picture and then burns it with a lighter,nodding his head as if to say "Bet". .....From G-Easy pov while sitting in the old school muscle car we see a female sit down in diner across from a guy. The guy is the mark from the picture. We move forward and we see the young lady get up we moments later we see the mark joking at the table. Rae receives a text from G-Easy saying "DONE".

In the Mansion setup there is also a meeting of the Bosses. Raekwon along with a few hip hop icons and other high profile guest will sit at the dinner table/ round table and have a salute to success, celebrating the riches. The scene is epic like the meeting of the 5 families in The Godfather Movie . Kendrick Lamar and some other power players will be suited as they carry out this scene. Royal Elite vodka is the drink of choice in this scene. KandyPens will also be used in this scene .

The Chef and G-Eazy are captured breaking bread with each other in a one on one session accompanied by a couole models. One of the rooms in the mansion will be transformed into a gangsters playroom. Raekwon along with the models will use the KandyPens in this setup.



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