Out of Africa Year 1 Spring Term 1

Out of Africa

During this topic, we will be looking at hot areas of the world and the animals that live there, and comparing these places to other countries.

Maths, English and phonics lessons will continue to address gaps in learning.

How We Keep Ourselves Safe In School

Important information

The Year 1 school day starts at 8.50am and ends at 2.50pm. Every child will be met by their class teacher in the morning. Every child will wash their hands on arrival and have their temperature taken before starting work.

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The Creative Me will:

In music, I will:

Listen to the Charanga song 'In The Groove' and clap, click and tap the beats.

In dance, I will:

Expressivley interpret animals to 'The Carnival of the Animals' piece of music by Saint-Saens.

In design and technology, I will:

Design, make and evaluate an animal mask.

The Healthy Me:

In PE, I will:

Develop good body tension through taking the weight on different body parts to help strengthen my balancing and gymnastic skills.

In RE, I will:

Explore beliefs and teaching of the Muslim faith and learn what the Qu'ran teaches them. Reflect on my own beliefs and understand different values.

In PSHE, I will:

Explore how I learn best and explore how I can celebrate my achievements.

The Independent Me will:

Explore our core text, 'The Lion Inside.

The shared reading texts we will look at are:

When reading, I will:

Use phonics skills and knowledge to decode for reading.

Read for pleasure including listening and responding to stories.

When writing, I will:

Write a story about a small animal who befriends a large animal in the African savannah.

Use my imagination and present my work neatly using punctuation, capital letters and begin to spell words using my phonic knowledge.

In geography, the Independent Me will:

Explore hot areas of the world and compare the United Kingdom and Northern Europe to Africa.

The Inquisitive Me will:

In maths, I will:

Be adding and subtracting within 20 and understanding place value between 0 and 50.

In science, I will:

Look at the changing seasons and observe and describe the weather.

In computing, I will:

Create conditions for actions by waiting for a user input on a map (such as responses to questions like, 'Where is the car park?').

What if you need to do your learning at home?

All home learning will be put onto Purple Mash, below are links so some websites that will help you.

Follow the link below to access the White Rose Maths Year 1 Home Learning.

Access Purple Mash at home on a device using your log in and complete tasks set by your teacher.

Access Mathletics at home on a device using your log in and complete the tasks set by your teacher.

Look out for stories and tips and hints with reading, spelling, writing and maths on the Year 1 Twitter - @Year1WIA

This Is Me will:

Explore our value of the term which is 'Perseverance'.

Think about our Big Question, 'What would help you to persevere at the moment?'

Recognise and appreciate the many circumstances in which a person may persevere. Explore how we value widely respected ideals about perseverance such as thinking of what will help you persevere at the moment.

Participate in group and class discussions about building good relationships by being courageous enough to try new things and make different choices.


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