A House Restored

The house was more than just old. It had suffered a fire, had been left exposed to the elements of nature due to the fire and was infested with mice and mold. What remained of the home was covered in graffiti. Used syringes and needles were among the debris, likely from those looking to get high and have their "feel-good" moment.

James stood right in the middle of the whole mess. He looked over at the realtor who herself looked appalled to be standing anywhere near such an awful house, and said without anymore hesitation, "I'll take it!" Stun, shock, surprise and bafflement were only a few of the expressions that came across the realtors face all at once. "Really?" She said in a struggled attempt to not stagger her words. "Yes, really." James replied.

No one could believe that James would invest in such a home. It was disgusting and required so much work and time to repair. James set his mind to task and was determined to see the old house rebuilt, new and improved. No friends or family were willing to help him. Every contractor he called denied him. Even the appraisers told him he would be better off tearing the structure down and to build a new one in its place. In spite of all of this, James remained determined to prove them all wrong.

As months went by, he continued asking for his friends and family to help but was met with the same responses. No one wanted to go anywhere near "that disgusting place." A year went by and still, no one offered to help him. James spent all of his spare time alone fixing this old, unwanted house. He bought books, watched tutorials and took classes, all in an effort to fix the home.


Created with images by Taken - "window ruin broken" • thorinside - "Nanton House Wall"

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