Culinary Term 3 Carter Atkinson A3


My favorite fruit is mango. There are specific varieties of mangos that I loved and ate often in Taiwan. One was the Keitt, and the other, Haden. Mangoes are a big deal, especially in India, South Asia, and the Philippines. My favorite vegetable is asparagus, which first appeared in Greece and Rome, apparently.

Dressed for Success

The reason why I chose what I did is because not only do I look formal, but it also shows that I am the type of person who is very well organized and will keep my work neat and clean. It also makes me feel confident.

3 Labs

I loved the fruit tart lab! In this lab everyone got to built their own tart crust. The crust I made was slightly thicker on one side, and because of that, the fillings all started falling apart.
The fried zucchini lab was another one of my favorites. I learned that the egg yolk was the key to how the breading was going to stick onto the zucchinis. The egg yolk act as a "paste" and allows the breadcrumbs to stick to it. Also, the more breading the zucchini had, and the longer it cooked in the oil, the crispier it got.
This was a very interesting lab. We watched a video in class of how to make an apple swan, then everyone got a chance to make their own apple swan. I, However, could not quite remember all the directions. So, my takeaway I had from this was the importance of precise measurement, and that you cannot always just eyeball it and hope it turns out the way it needs to be.


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