English Cat Essay Gemma kouhi

We all know that climate change is happening, but it seems like nobody is doing anything to resolve this menacing global problem. If we as humans have become the most successful species alive today, why are we still demolishing our beautiful, valued earth? Humans are a massive factor of this hazardous problem but are not taking any serious action to fix it. Research shows that climate change has only became a serious issue since human intervention apart from natural scenarios, and wouldn’t have been a threatening problem if we had of been more caring to the land. One of the biggest factors of climate change is the poisonous output of fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses from burning coal, trees and other gasses. Our transport has also effected climate change dramatically because of the harmful pollution that gets released. The breeding of far too many animals has equally effected this critical problem because of the toxic gasses the animals emit. Deforestation is another devastating contributor of this dangerous global threat and has gave us the horrible consequence of decreasing our time to expire. Humans have been burning coal and other products in the industrial age since 1760 but haven’t really figured out a good way to burn sustainably, while not effecting the environment around us. We have had a few ideas but haven’t tried harder enough to make a big move with these new inventions. In 2012 it was calculated that only 26% of energy generated, was sustainable while the other 73% was made unsustainably in factories by burning fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources. The burning of these sources has made a dreadful influence to climate change and still is right now. All of the gasses that get released are mostly carbon dioxide which then go straight into the atmosphere causing the principal reason for global warming. Even though climate change is happening, the burning of products like coal is still going on in factories and is causing a unwelcoming turn to climate change. Transport is also another major cause of pollution because the amount of carbon dioxide that gets distributed into the atmosphere. These polluting modes of transport have been damaging our vital atmosphere since 1672 but hadn’t became a complication until the over population of humans. It is estimated that each car produces six tons of carbon dioxide per year and there is approximately 1.35 billion cars on earth today. The amount of carbon dioxide all together created each year is about 81,000,000,000 billion ppm. This way of living has obviously made an awful impact to climate change especially when the population of humans is growing making the need for more transport exacerbating.The carbon dioxide and other gasses that get released damage our ozone layer which creates less tolerance to the powerful sun rays causing climate change, this then can lead to global warming. The over breeding of animals is creating disturbing changes or adjustments to climate change. The human species has continued to grow and develop, putting more pressure on our natural resources we rely on to live. Live stock is responsible for over 18% of the green house gasses that causes climate change and global warming. Methane from the animals that are bred are causing this problem but the dairy and meat cattle are one of the worst. 56 billion cows are farmed and slaughtered a year and one cow produces approximately 110kg of methane annually, all cows farmed make a whooping total of 61,600,000,000,000 ppm of methane a year, making the amount of carbon dioxide produced from cows higher then the amount of carbon dioxide created from pollutant vehicles. The over breeding of the animals is only one part of the problem, the deforestation of trees for their paddocks is also causing climate change too, because of the carbon dioxide that gets released from the trees after we cut or burn them down. Up to 70% of the amazon rainforest is cut or burnt down for cattle ranchers. Cattle is now a undoubtedly a big problem for climate change but it's definitely not the cows fault, the real issue creating this problem is the over population of humans making the need for cattle (meat & dairy) greater. Another significant factor contributing to climate change is deforestation. When we cut down and burn trees the stored carbon dioxide becomes free and moves into the atmosphere making it another component of climate change. This cycle is not only deadly but life threatening as well. Scientist have shown that many ecosystems are destroyed every day because of this destruction but nobody seems to do anything about it. This unsustainable area of climate change is one of the worst because of the unbelievable amount of species that become extinct or critically endangered a day and because of the amount of carbon dioxide that gets released from the trees. Similarly, by cutting down 5.5 billion hectares of trees per year, we are lessening the Earth's capacity to naturally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our trees are the lungs of the Earth but are still being destroyed for money. If we don’t stop cutting down all of the trees we won’t only have limited air to breathe we will be facing the mental and physical consequences of climate change. No other species have effected this problem, don’t ignore something we as humans have all caused because it will only get worse from this point if we don’t come together and do something about it. Climate change is real and will always remain a very serious issue in our sociality but if we don’t start doing anything now to change our future, it will be too late.

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