Neil Leifer By: spencer Schaaf

Neil Leifer

Neil Leifer was born on December 28, 1942, he is still alive at the age of 74 years old

Neil leifer is most famous for his sports photography and has been photographing sports since the 1960's

Neil leifer shoots from creative angles and places to achieve great pictures.

Neil Leifer doesn't really shoot for one company but his pictures have landed on Times Magazine and Sports Illustrated

My photographer used to use a kodak film camera with kodakchrome film

My photographer usually uses lighting that is already in the building where he is at, or natural/stadium light if he's in a outdoor event.

As a boy he would sneak into the New York Giants football games by pushing veterans in wheel chairs then when he got into the stadium he would take pictures while on the sideline.

He got his first cover photo at the age of 19

I like his work a lot because they show sports and I like sports


Created with images by Brett Jordan - "Aerial View"

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