Final Words The beginnings of a band

Final Words is a band from Montebello, California. Their band consists of Julio Caro, Kyle Salaiz and Rafael Iñiguez.

Like many up and coming bands, they're currently producing their own music and uploading it to Facebook and SoundCloud.

"Never get into editing music! It sucks dude," said Caro as he put the finishing touches on the bands newest track.

Final Words' released songs and how they produce them.

"The Inversion" is the title of Final Words' newest release and they're hoping it will help them continue to grow.

"We got a lot of likes [on Facebook] and listens on SoundCloud. We're getting to 100 [listens] pretty quick, in like two weeks," Caro said.

Many of those likes and listens came from an unexpected place.

"So our first tour is going to be in Germany, right?," said Iñiguez playfully.

The band was excited to hear that they were getting a lot of listens from German people. The Germans enjoyed Final Words' music so much that they were sharing it a lot.

"[Iñiguez] actually sent me a link of two dudes posting our stuff, so that's pretty cool," said Caro.

Iñiguez has a cousin serving in the United States Army, and he is currently stationed in Germany. Iñiguez says he and his cousin have always had an interest in the same type of music, which is why he sent him the music Final Words' had created.

"My cousin told them 'Check out this band from California their name is Final Words' and yeah dude we got a lot of hits because of that. That's pretty sick, fucking Germany dude!," Iñiguez said.

Caro going over the song "Kitties Titties" with the band before they play. Iñiguez continued to practice his part of the song.

Iñiguez will continue to rely on his cousin to share Final Words' music around Germany.

In addition, Final Words believes that marijuana can be helpful during the creative process.

"Oh shit, some of that devil's spinach," said Salaiz as it was his turn in the rotation.

Unlike the others in his band, Salaiz says he usually smokes after band practice as a reward.

"After creating a riff or something, I'll smoke," Salaiz said.

The band usually smokes weed throughout their practices, as it helps them mellow out and focus on the music.

Members of the band preparing and sparking up their weed, as well as the shop they attend.

"Smoke weed everyday," Iñiguez said as he quoted the lyrics made famous by Nate Dogg

Unfortunately for them, the band is currently in the process of looking for a vocalist, as their prior one was let go because of commitment issues. This issue has been a setback for them so far, but they believe that they'll find one soon.

Despite the setback, Final Words hopes to finish their current project soon, so they can start playing gigs around Los Angeles.

Here is a raw music video of the performance of "The Inversion."

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