Dreams and Aspirations Gabriella Meraz

Universal Theme: Friends and Family are there to help you accomplish your dreams.
In the book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck it's about how 2 guys have a dream living together and having a ranch with animals and a garden. And they will do anything to reach there dream until Lennie does something bad and he gets killed which Lennies dream doesn't come true.
"Lennie broke in. But not us! An' why! Because... because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why (pg.14)."

Friends are there to help us with our dreams and to accomplish them. Like Lennie and George they have each other's back through good and bad that's why they left weed to do there dreams. The author is teaching us that dreams are dreams and for you to accomplish them you work hard for them what ever it takes. And Friends are Family are there to help you reach your dreams.

"O.K. Someday we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs( pg.14)"
In the article "The Necklace" by Guy De Maupassant it's about a woman and her husband how they go at a fancy party and Mme. Loisel wants to look good and look rich in front of people. At the end she loses her friends necklace and has to pay it off by working hard for it at the end of the story the necklace was fake but she found out that working hard is better.
"Oh, nothing. Only I don't have an evening dress and therefore I can't go that affair. Give the card to some friend at the office.... Let's see, Mathilda How much would a suitable outfit cost one you could wear for other affair too.... amount she could ask for without bringing an immediate refusal and an exclamation of dismay from 30 clerk. Finally, she answer hesitating, I'm not sure exactly, but I think with 400 francs (pg.29)."

She wants to look beautiful at the party and she does get her dress and necklace. See that's why we have family to help reach our goals Mme. Loisel dream was to go to a fancy party and it came true. Her husband gave up his rifle money for her and she was so happy it hurt M. Loisel but he was happy that his wife was happy.

The movie "The Blind Side" by John Lee Hancock it's about a homeless high school kid getting a new start with a white family when he is found in the streets and the mom helps him with his dream of becoming a NFL football player and going to college.

The movie is great on how you can do anything. How he was brought out of the street and got a new life to become a football player. His dad died when he was young and his mom has a drug addiction. He is High School homeless and he still goes to school. He was found walking around and notice by a found boy so his mom takes him in and had him stay with her. She asked him what is your dream he dream was to become a football player and to go to collgege so she helps him. Helps him with his grades and help him with football.

So What Impact: Friends and Family are there to help accomplish your dreams. It has a impacted on me because I want to become a lawyer I have high standards to reach my goal. My Family is always supporting me even my mom saying you can do anything just believe in yourselves. Also my grandma see is always by my side she tells me to believe in my self and to believe in God that he will make a way for me and he has my plan. But all my family has my back through the good and the bad always supporting me. So never give up and keep your dreams high and free.

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