Accessibility for all Distance Learners Amanda Glover

With the increased development of responsive online tools, now is the best time for all distance learners. Whether in a face to face classroom, hybrid, or fully online, learners still need accommodations and accessibility to continue on their path towards knowledge acquisition. A variety of tools are available for online instructors to allow for the best learning opportunities for their students.

Microsoft Learning Tools

Microsoft Learning Tools provide a wide variety of online accessibility to learning materials for FREE! When presenting to an audience, capture your live speech into live subtitles using the Microsoft Translator’s Presenter Translator. When reading online documents for courses, sometimes the website content can become very distracting- using Microsoft Edge’s Reading View within the Learning Tools can help blur and fade information on the page besides the indicated area in which you are currently reading. Within Microsoft software products, the Learning Tools feature can read text aloud, break words apart by syllable, or identify words by parts of speech. This feature uses a human voice, which people learn best from, in which to read aloud imported or created content, creating an ideal “on the go” learning environment. Learning Tools can also translate text into over 60 languages. Want to work by typing without a keyboard? Learning Tools Dictate can dictate over 20 languages allowing for a flexible working environment for the distance education student.

Technology can enrich, or even make possible, learning experiences not typically provided within the traditional face to face learning environments. Distance education and blended learning environments can utilize accessibility tools to personalize and accommodate these learning experiences.

Please view these brief videos (1:30 or less) for how Microsoft Accessibility Learning Tools transformed lives!

No one should be denied the opportunity to further their education and feel successful!

Accessibility is no longer an option, it's the law!

How can I design the best online course to ensure accessibility for all learners?


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