coming home katie alexander

peach street

crammed with people hugging and crying

i walk through it,

i try not to look

the faces

the flowers

surrounding the place where it happened

i leave nothing in tribute

i can't find the will

it makes me sad

i don't think he deserved it

im not surprised it happened

always hanging out with brick

the kings

its what you sign up for

isn't it?

I ache for Tina

his sister

so small

so confused

everyone forgets the smallest

most fragile ones

daddy died, I was four

it was strange



extra people in the house

trying to hug me

I didn't understand why

squeezing beneath a couch



he was dead

dead meant gone

this time gone meant forever

I wonder

Tina sitting there


waiting for Tariq

to come home

words borrowed by how it went down by Kelka Magoon


Created with images by Skitterphoto - "barber chair salon" • - "Ci ha spaventato il silenzio e qualcosa che pareva un'attesa." • Dylan_Payne - "grave" • Galantucci Alessandro - "GANG" • Bessi - "aroni arsa children" • CallMeWhatEver - "Arlington National Cemetery" • Transformer18 - "Alone" • locofotocuba66 - "topcorner"

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