Classes decorate doors for Red Ribbon Week Amanda Hare

To honor Red Ribbon Week, classes around the school decorated their doors during Eagle Time Friday, Oct. 22. Classes decorated with paints, cutouts and more to show anti-drug sentiments. Red Ribbon Week will occur Monday through Friday, Oct. 25-29.

In AP Calculus teacher Thomas Gomez's room, students put up their Red Ribbon Week decorations. The theme of their door was Among Us saying "do math not meth." "I think it's great that we were able to adhere to the comical side of our student body," senior Caleb Audia said. "In my opinion, it helps get the message across more than typical decorations because it's something that stays in your mind." (Photo by Amanda Hare) (Photo 3: senior Bryce Kowalski)
Sitting on the door are positive notes that students wrote to encourage other students not to turn to drugs. Red Ribbon Week is honored annually in the week of Oct. 23-31. It's the nation's oldest and largest program for drug prevention. (Photo by Amanda Hare)

With a Chick-Fil-A theme, the Texas Association of Future Educators decorate their door. Their door's slogan said "nuggz not drugz." The TAFE program, also known as the "Ready, Set, Teach!" program, allows students to work as student teachers in various schools in the district. (Photos courtesy of Ashley Bledsoe) (Photo below: juniors Taylor Davis and Maren Wright)

In Room 1116, pumpkins sit on the top of the door. This year's national theme for Red Ribbon Week is "drug-free looks like me." "The theme is a reminder that everyday Americans across the country make significant daily contributions to their communities by being the best they can be because they live drug-free," the Red Ribbon website said. (Photo by Amanda Hare)
Featuring "don't cause a scene, be drug free," Olivia O'Dell's classroom door encourages students to stay away from drugs. The school will honor Red Ribbon week with dress up days. These include "put drugs to sleep," "say peace out to drugs," "create bright futures," "drugs are old school" and "say boo to drugs." (Photo courtesy of Karolina Rubio)

After decorating their door, juniors Hallie Reynolds, Ramsey Wilson and Mackenzie Johnson point to it. Their door featured the phrase "do math, drugs don't add up." The school gave students Halloween-themed popcorn as they decorated their doors in their homeroom classes. (Photos by Amanda Hare) (Photo below: juniors Hallie Reynolds and Mackenzie Johnson)

With a Ghostbusters theme, a door features the saying "we ain't afraid to say no." Ghostbusters was first created in a 1984 movie. There was a sequel in 1989, and a remake was created in 2016. (Photos by Amanda Hare) (Photo 1: senior Camille Ward)
Decorating their door, choir students paint a piece of paper. Choir recently competed in the All Region Choir competition. 24 students earned spots in the All Region Choir. (Photo by Amanda Hare)
Mummifying the door with toilet paper, senior Meghan Gordon decorates her classroom's door in. Gordon's class decorated the door in a Halloween theme. On Friday, Oct. 29, students can wear their Halloween costumes to school. (Photo by Amanda Hare)

Honoring Red Ribbon Week, classroom doors feature phrases such as "drugs will suck the life out of you," "drugs are bad news" and "do drugs and It will come for you." The week will end with a Black Out Pep Rally and Senior Night at the home varsity football game against Allen Friday, Oct. 29. Then, Halloween will occur Sunday, Oct. 31. (Photos by Amanda Hare)


Amanda Hare