The Dorothy Aromando Art Fund Charity set up after the death of Newbury artist, who loved drawing everything she saw

The Dorothy Aromando Art Fund (registered charity 1169871)

The fund was set up by friends and family after Dorothy died in 2015.

She developed a rare cancer called Mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos - we have no idea where this exposure was from, but as asbestos is everywhere it could have been anywhere.

Dorothy was born and grew up in Newbury and her first love was art.

She drew everything that she saw, from landscapes, people, animals to flowers and vegetables that were on the menu in her restaurant The White Hart Inn, Hamstead Marshall, which she owned with her husband Nici for 22 years.

She used several mediums, from simple chalk on a blackboard used to write the specials board to watercolour, adaopting a very varied style throughout her life.

The Dorothy Aromando Art Fund has access to hundreds of original artworks and from this we print high quality glicée prints and cards as well as other products sold locally at markets and exhibitions.

Recently the fund donated its latest cheque of £1,000 to a specialist nurse at the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke and so far has raised around £5,000.

For more details visit dorothyaromandoartfund.com