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Steve M. Beauchamp

Strategic Alignment | Executive Coaching | Leadership Development | Project Management | Continuous Improvement | Certified Ikigai Tribe Coach

The Grind

Are you feeling like you have to constantly forego what you need and tap into your grit to get you through your day? Do you tend to live day-to-day hoping that the day doesn’t eat you alive? Or maybe you are praying & hoping that the business plans you made for the day don’t fall through. Tired of climbing ladders to unknown results or places?

Having grit without taking care of yourself throughout the process will always feel like a grind. You deserve to feel good about what you are doing for your business. You deserve to have a business that can help bring you joy and energy and not suck the life from you.

About Me

When I am not working with clients you will find me climbing mountains, rocks or ice and generally just spending time outdoors. I enjoy staying active here in the Pacific Northwest with my wife and two dogs.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management from City U in Seattle. As well, I hold a certification in Lean Six Sigma as a Master Black Belt. I strive to apply these and other tools to those that I coach.

I love teaching leaders how to change the outcomes and dynamics of their day, month & year simply by taking control of their business planning & strategies. I have worked with dozens of leaders over my career and have found that many of them struggle with similar things.

My coaching focuses on a methodical problem solving approach that will help you have light bulb moments and overcome the mindsets and paradigms you didn’t know you had that holds you back. By utilizing some basic tools, results are often quickly achieved.

My Story

I am originally from Canada and have spent my working life working in a lot of different jobs and industries. Everything from construction to banking to manufacturing to transportation, and a lot of things in between. I have discovered that no matter what the industry is many of the same challenges exist. Some of the most common is the idea of time, and usually the lack of it and a feeling of being overwhelmed. I have been in leadership positions in large corporations and have also been a part of very small teams that included the business owner. I have learned a lot over the years about how to harness the power of planning and setting goals to achieve the results you want and start using time as an asset rather than a hindrance.

No matter what organization I have been in, I have learned that what I teach and coach on has allowed me to move up from where I started and are also the systems that I use to run my own business. I have been refining these systems and teaching them to small business owners and leaders that have worked with me throughout my career. I know for a fact that these systems work and I would like to be able to share them with you.

How do I work with clients?

  1. We start off with a gap analysis to determine your degree of strategic alignment.
  2. We determine what the best path forward is for me to support you and your business.


Zaher Hulays, Seattle, WA: “I started working with Steve 6 months ago and I could not be happier with the results so far. What is very helpful about his approach is that he starts by exploring your long term goals and then works from there on breaking them down into annual and quarterly goals. Steve made this process, which can be very daunting, simple and it was a very effective starting point because it helps inform everything that comes next. What comes next is a set of tools and tactics to help you execute and deliver on the things that matter the most and will make the most difference. Steve has definitely helped me up my game both at work and at home. In the past six months, I've been more productive, more focused, and executing on the projects that will truly help make a difference "

Toby Moore, Owner - Mattress Direct, Fort Myers, FL: “Steve is a great problem solver with real world experience and the ability to look at the big picture. His history working in the trenches has also given him understanding of the finite details of the daily grind. I am amazed at his ability to pinpoint problem areas even when I wasn’t doing a great job of explaining them. He is an excellent coach and mentor. Give him the opportunity to peak into your operations and you will reap the benefits of his experience.”

Giving Back

I am committed to donating 10% from every transaction that I exchange with my clients. This is something that I believe in and have done for a better part of my life. The organizations that I have chosen to work with are; Protect Our Winters (POW), Seattle Tilth Alliance, & Camp ELSO.

What is My Commitment to you?

I will work tirelessly to provide the best possible quality of service that I can offer you and will always put your needs first. If I don’t feel like we will be a good fit to work together I won’t take your money. If you don't feel like we are a good fit I will refund your money.

Finally, I run a referral based business and as such, I stand ready, willing, and passionately able to serve anybody important to you by giving them perspective, advice, recommendations, and treating them in a very special way. So if you don’t feel that my services are right for you please consider referring others that I might be right for.

Looking Forward,


email: steve@diyprosolutions.com