Help the Harpy Eagle! by Kaila Gonzalez, Broock Desta and Robert Daniels

I. Introduction

Please do us a favor in saving the endangered Harpy Eagle!

- Among the largest types of eagle species.

- Females weigh up to 20 pounds & wingspan: up to 6.5 feet.

-In SA, Brazil and Argentina

-talons so strong, can break bones. that's how they hunt.

talons of the Harpy

Context : keeps forests healthy and alive. If they're wiped out, the animals they eat will overpopulate forests. Thus creating a chain of problems.

We choose to save the harpy eagle because...

1: it's repopulating abilities are limited. It's difficult for them.

2: habitat can be wiped out fairly easily.

3: they do a lot to benefit forests and humans.

II. Counterclaim

Animal not being saved: Galapagos Tortoise

Reason(s) : Already stable. Good living conditions. Not nearly as many threats anymore.

After all, would you waste time filling your car with gas when the tank is already full?

Good living conditions.

III. Ecological Functions

A. Introduction: habitats are in high risk; deforestation.

B. #1: "Harpy eagle nests are only planted in trees within every 10 to 15 miles of each other in a forest"

1. A: With the trees getting cut down, they wont have anywhere to put their nests. Need higher trees to keep their nests isolated and protected.

2. B: with trees gone, they'll be forced to put nests on ground. Predators will get eggs.

C. #2: “Each nesting pair has a single chick every two to three years.”

1. Analysis A: Deforestation as a threat; reproduction of the Harpy Eagle goes through a slow cycle which makes it hard to keep the species alive.

2. Analysis B: Two chicks born every two to three years with billions of different types of predators (hyperbole) -slows the chance of existence for the Harpy Eagle.

D. : Helping it restore it’s home it needs.

You and i both have comfortable homes to go to at the end of the day right? Think about helping this animal having somewhere peaceful to sleep, to eat, and raise its young chick.

Rhetorical appeals/strategies: Hyperbole, Logos, Rhetorical Question, Pathos.

IV. Additional biological, medical, social, etc., appeals

A. Introduction: Greatly important to humans.

B.#1: "Harpy eagles will occasionally be used in ceremonial rituals by indigenous hunters". Harpy eagles are also the national birds of both Panama and Parana, Brazil. (social)

1. Analysis A: socially important to humans b/c they use the animal for representations of countries & rituals.

2. Analysis B: decrease of eagle population South American countries won’t be the same. Not without their symbol.

C. #2: helps forests with biodiversity, then comes back to humans.

1. Analysis A: makes sure there aren't too many of one animal.

2. Analysis B: humans benefit by the forests being there to home animals. then they're not overpopulating human communities.

D. : harpy eagles help humans and nature. double win.

V. Cost to conserve/resources required by the species

A. Introduction: Keystone species it needs a great amount of space. which you can't find in many places. it’s not very expensive to feed. Feeds on rodents, which don’t cost much to get a hold of.

B. #1: 7 foot wingspan of eagle can get caught with branches hanging down in places like the forest.

1. Analysis A: if habitats get destroyed then they’re forced to move to smaller ecosystems; could be dangerous. Species this large need larger amounts of space.

2. Analysis B: low hanging branches could damage the eagle's wings. incapable of flying. Go extinct faster.

C. #2: "Females eat larger animals, leaving the smaller ones for the males"

1. Analysis A: Research and tests show the harpy is one of the largest species of eagle.

-We need to keep this factor alive.

-No other bird like this one.

-Females larger than males.

-Birds can grow to 36-40 inches. -

Females weigh between 13 to 20 lbs (6 to 9 kg).

-Males weigh between 9 and 11 lbs (4 to 5 kg). Its wings are relatively short, enabling the bird to maneuver through its thick-forested surroundings

2. Analysis B: Size between male and female is different since females have to store more for baby chicks.

D. Fight to protect the Harpy Eagle because it can't live in small spaces so we need to help keep its living spaces healthy and alive. By keeping deforestation at a minimum, we’d be helping out this animal.

VI. Conclusion

A. Re-stated main thesis: the Endangered Harpy Eagle of South America definitely needs to be saved from going fully extinct. It is endangered in its home cities, where it was once most popular. - consider this because...

B. Cant repopulate easily, Habitat destruction, benefits both forests and humans.

C. Call to action: By taking in what we said today and thinking about saving the Harpy Eagle, you’d be helping out because it means we at least got the word out and got your attention. Now really consider bringing this animal out of endangerment, because we can only make a change with your help. After all, a journey of a thousand miles does begin with one step.


Thank You for listening!

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