#WoofWednesdays Loki's Adoption Success Story

Loki (formerly Shaggy) at HSTT

"The Scooby Doo gang has arrived at the shelter after their Mystery Machine broke down, and it just so happens that we have a mystery for them to solve, it's the case of 'Finding Their Forever Homes'. Stop by 10961 Stevens Lane in Truckee if you have any clues that will help the Velma, Fred, Shaggy and Daphne solve this mystery."

Loki (formerly known as Shaggy) was in a litter of puppies that came to us very undersocialized. Sisters Velma and Daphne put on the charm and were promptly adopted, but Loki and his brother Fred hung around the shelter a little longer than usual for pups. It worked out for the best: Kate Tyler and Bobby Goodman were scrolling through Facebook on their honeymoon (as one does) and fell for his sweet face. They were so surprised that he was still available when they returned! Loki got his bearings around his new home pretty quickly. He checked out Bear (the cat) but figured out not to mess with him. Once his big brother Thor (also a rescue) faced the reality of not being an only dog, he didn’t mind Loki following him around everywhere. Thor is now patient and gentle with the newest addition to the family. Loki is picking up on all the right lessons from his bro, including sitting for treats and meals, and playing fetch. He’s following in Thor’s footsteps taking puppy classes, so he’ll soon be the perfect gentleman. He's about a quarter the size of his classmates, but Loki holds his little head high.

Learning from big bro Thor

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