GOT FAT? Everyone does!


You are invited to join us at Solutions Fitness for a free body composition Thursday, May 4 from 5-7 pm! You will walk away with all the information you need (% bodyfat, % lean to fat ratio, % hydration levels and specific caloric needs), to create a fitness program geared toward your specific fitness/health goals. Approach your fitness routine armed with the knowledge you need to make it a success!

Unlike body weight -- which just takes into account the number on the scale -- your body composition takes into account where your weight comes from. Knowing what percentage of your body weight is fat offers more insight into your health, since carrying too much fat tissue affects your health, even if your actual weight falls into a healthy range. Being overfat -- whether you're also overweight or have a healthy weight but a high body-fat percentage -- poses a major health risk, so maintaining a healthy body composition lowers the risk of certain obesity-related diseases.

"Being overfat -whether you're also overweight or have a healthy weight - poses a major health risk..."

Solutions Fitness utilizes a body composition tool known as Bioelectrical Impedance. This screening takes into consideration your entire body frame.

In depth results include percentage of body fat, percentage of lean to fat ratios, hydration levels and caloric needs

All this information is key to creating a fitness program that works specifically for you. Retesting often will assist you in meeting those goals, empowered with the knowledge that you are gaining and losing in those areas that are crucial to success.

We want YOU to be successful in your efforts to reach YOUR goals! So join us! It's free and open to the public, fun and informational! Sign-up on our FB Page solutionsfitnessllc/events. See you there!

3 Holland Way, Exeter NH 03833

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