March By Ballz Deluxe

Volume II

2010 | Rock

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"I can't believe what you've done to me. You've put your foot down on my neck and then you smile with that smartass grin, and you think I'm in check, boy. -- Hysteria is on the TV screens, nothing is what it seems. It's separating at the seam, but it's over now. -- Hey! Did you hear today about the state that we're in? They stole our dreams, stole everything. The revolution's about to begin. We won't take this anymore. Even when the sky comes crashing down, picking ourselves up off the floor and we'll burn this city down."


  • Many of their songs "are about everyday struggles & life trials on the serious side of reality."
  • "March was a song that came together with the idea of a nation, or even a world, tired of being controlled by any Supremest or told what to think or what to do."
  • "A fun fact about that sample (Howard Beale and the network) --- as I hung out with Ian from Five Finger Death Punch for about 2 hours in the VIP room at Pine Knob in Clarkston Michigan one year maybe 5-7 years ago or so I gave him a CD and two Super Duper green ones for the road ---- he said he was definitely going to listen to the band we seemed to have bonded we got along pretty good drank & laughed a lot in that 2 hrs. A few years later maybe just a year, but I think it was two years later, Five Finger Death Punch came out with a song, with that same exact sample from the network and even made their cuts almost exact to hours. Coincidence? Couldn't tell you, but I sure as hell would like to tell him something!"

Check out "BULLET" from their latest release.


Luke Tatum

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore! This song really strikes me as interesting, because it doesn't seem to have much of a focus for the anger. Like the movie "Network," where the intro to the song comes from, the anger of many tends to get misshapen. We get mad and not much changes. To me, this is especially true when we get just angry enough to go vote.

Sherry Voluntary

This hard hitting number is a call to action to stop putting up with the violence and corruption of the system and their henchman, the police. The sirens in the background of the music were a nice touch. So often, I see people who make every excuse for the police and ever act of brutality and murder that they commit. On the other hand, with every exposure of police violence and corruption, there are more and more people starting to wake up to the problems with the police. They are their own worst enemy and I for one hope it doesn’t come to all out violence with police, but am glad to have a platform to magnify their foolishness and spread their corruption in order to subvert their reign of terror in my small way.

Nicky P

I have to keep things in check. I often worry about how deep the rabbit hole goes and what that means for my daughter. I'll avoid a violent revolution at all costs but it often seems like the goal of political power is to force violence to undermine a cause. Should I put my child through that? Is this a matrix kinda situation? Is she better off not knowing. I don't remember feeling better about life before i was given the red pill. I remember feeling lost because everything aaround me seemed upside down and obfuscated. I hope that this rally cry never becomes necessary, but perhaps we're already past the point and I'm just a domesaticated animal myself.

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Nicky P

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