Universal Music Group By phillip Gresbach

Erykah Badu, a Universal Music Group artist

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UMG in Miami

Company Info

Universal Music Group is a music label which was founded in 1934. Currently, UMG is responsible for over 30% of music sales, and is part of the "Big Three" labels alongside Sony Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Popular artists such as those pictured above have signed to UMG or its subsidiaries. Pictured above: The Beatles (top left), Lil Yachty (bottom left), Kanye West (right)

Sales numbers have declined steady for about 15 years in the music industry, but thanks to streaming services, music labels are finally seeing growth in revenue. This has led to UMG partnering with Spotify for their first long-term deal.

Job Info

Functions include: managing artist schedules and travel arrangements, managing a budget, organizing meetings and music listening sessions, conducting research, approving marketing strategies

Universal Music Group has a location in Miami. Miami is not only beautiful, but South Florida is a cultural hub. South Florida constantly churns out new artists, with many becoming successful, such as Kodak Black, Rick Ross, and Wifisfuneral. As marketing coordinator, I would help artists such as these reach the masses.

Three South Florida artists, from left to right: Kodak Black, Rick Ross, Wifisfuneral
The University of Florida


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UMG in Miami


UMG is the biggest music label in the world, and has a location in Florida. This means that there are many opportunities for growth and to excel in the position I am applying for without having to leave my home.


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Phillip Gresbach


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