Wheat By: Anna hynes

Did you know that wheat is one of the most manufactered and farmed foods, yet we didn't even mean to farm it? Wheat was farmed through accidental domestication. People accidentally dropped the seeds and the wheat grew!

Wheat is one of the most farmed foods in the United States of America. It is grown in almost every state in the US. Kansas alone produces 36 billion loaves of bread a year. Wheat is more than just a food. Paste, alchohol, and starch are made out of wheat, too.

With the surplus gained from wheat, not as many people needed to be farmers. So they focused on other things, like inventing guns. Guns were vital to the conquistadors.

North America didn't have wheat yet so they were deprived of the protein that the Europeans had. They had to work harder to get food instead of strategizing for battle. Plus, not everyone could be soldiers. Many people had to focus on finding food instead of fighting.

Wheat was the most vital aspect to the conquistadors. Now that the U.S.A. has wheat, we are the powerful ones. That just proves how much one plant can do to an entire country.


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