Donald Trump vs. Global warming By: Paityn Klipfel


Phenomenon: A remarkable circumstance

Observable: being able to detect a difference

Mitigate: to shrink the troublesome of a situation

Redistribution: The act of distributing something

Quantified: putting something into numbers

Engaged: to have a good understanding, and to have full attention on one thing


Donald Trump believes that global warming is not one of the bigger issues that the world is currently facing. In fact, according to journalist Andrew Griffin,“[Trump’s] administration had instructed EPA's communications team to remove the website's climate change page.” Trump’s decision to remove the page reveals that he does not want people to worry about global warming. Donald Trump has hinted to global warming as not being a real problem. Although 97% of scientists believe that global warming is occurring, Donald Trump said,”I'm still open-minded. Nobody really knows”(Kenny). Since he is not easily convinced, he will most likely not pass many laws regarding global warming. As a result, people may be questioning what things Donald Trump is so engaged with.

Why isn’t Donald Trump focused on global warming?

Donald Trump is not focused on global warming because he believes there are bigger issues throughout the world. For instance, according to Claire Foran a writer for The Atlantic,”Climate change barely came up during the presidential debates, and voters rated the environment as a far less pressing concern than issues like the economy, terrorism, and health care.” The voter’s decision to talk about economy, terrorism, and health care during the presidential debates encouraged Trump to not worry as much about global warming. According to journalist Anna Fahey,”About half of Trump voters (49 percent) acknowledge global warming is happening.” By giving these quantified percentages it shows that Trump's voters agree with Trump which is encouraging him. As a result, people may be questioning what do other countries think about global warming and the way Trump is handling things.


World leaders tend to not agree with Trump and his opinion on global warming. In fact, Tom Phillips a journalist for The Guardian, states,”China has rejected Donald Trump’s claims that climate change is a Chinese hoax, urging the US president-elect to take a “smart decision” over his country’s commitment to the fight against global warming.” The United States and China being the two largest greenhouse gas emitters, shows that Trump is making a mistake to “fight against global warming”. Trump’s decision to quit the Paris Climate Change agreement is not only upsetting China but also upsetting the United States former president. President Obama talked about the U.S. signing the Paris agreement and stated,“...made our economy more efficient, it’s helped the bottom line of folks and it's cleaned up the environment.” This shows how president Obama believes signing the Paris agreement has helped the environment. Global warming as a whole is a very big phenomenon that is affecting everyone around the world. As a result, not only do other people not agree with trump but neither do climate scientist.

How are scientist reacting to Donald Trump’s opinion on global warming?

Greenhouse gas pollution is causing glaciers to melt faster and faster over time.

Most world scientist do not agree with Trump’s opinion on global warming. Justin Worland, a journalist for Time states,”A group of 375 leading scientists, including 30 Nobel laureates, penned a letter criticizing Trump's stance on climate change earlier this month.” Majority of scientist disagree with Donald Trump and believe that global warming is a real issue for the world. Executive director of CSLDF, Lauren Kurtz said,"Now more than ever, it is critical that we defend climate scientists and their research,"(Song). Not only are scientist disagreeing with the president, but others also feel as if we should be redistributing climate scientists information around the world and inform people more about global warming. As a result, scientist disagree with Trump’s assumptions and also have research to back up their theories for future events.

What does global warming mean for the world in the future?

Several people are concerned about what may happen with global warming being in process, and the changes the earth might suffer from it. In the article “Future of Climate Change” it states,“Increases in average global temperatures are expected to be within the range of 0.5°F to 8.6°F by 2100.” Temperatures rising does not help places like Antarctica and the people/animals that live there. Within the next century with temperatures rising it will also cause more severe things to happen around the world. The article “How Will Global Warming Change Earth?” states,”Longer, more intense heat waves will become more common. Storms, floods, and droughts will generally be more severe as precipitation patterns change.” More common heat waves will cause more and more glaciers to melt and the sea level to rise. As scientist observe climate change more, we should expect more severe storms, which will also cause sea levels to rise and most likely cause land loss or land destruction. If we as people do not put a stop Trump's decision to shut down the EPA we will have to mitigate and just live with the outcome.


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