Pueblo Indian Geography A WebQuest exploring Where the Pueblo Indians lived

SOL 2.4

The students will develop map skills by...

C. Locating the regions of the Powhatan, Lakota, and Pueblo Indians on United States map


The purpose of this WebQuest is for students to explore the Pueblo Indians and demonstrate understanding of their geographic location and its characteristics in a creative manner online.


From this moment on, you are a historian of the Pueblo Indians! You work for a company that does not yet know anything about them, so it is your job to learn about them, beginning with the geography.

After your studies, you will be leading a trip to learn about their daily lives. So after you learn about their geography, you will show what you know by creating a packing list and information guide for the other people going on the trip!

You may create your travel guide on Adobe Spark, PowerPoint, Word, a Google doc, or something else. Just ask the teacher before using another website or program!


1. Visit the websites linked below and read about the Pueblo people. Look closely at the BOLD words. Try to find the answers to these questions: (Write down the answers so you remember what you read when you create your project!)

  • Where did/do the Pueblo Indians live?
  • What is different about the Pueblo people and where they live than most other tribes?
  • Did the Pueblo Indians get kicked out of their land?


  • http://www.crowcanyon.org/EducationProducts/pueblo_history_kids/introduction.asp

2. Visit these websites to learn about the state where many Pueblo Indians live. What is their land like?


  • http://www.enchantedlearning.com/usa/states/newmexico/
  • https://kidskonnect.com/states/new-mexico/


Show what you know by creating a travel guide about New Mexico! You are leading a trip of people to New Mexico to learn more about the Pueblo Indians. In order to pack, they first need to know about the land's geography!

An example of a travel guide... yours can look very different though!

You may create you travel guide on Adobe Spark, PowerPoint, Word, a Google doc, or something else. Just ASK the teacher before you use another source!

You get to decide exactly what your project looks like, but make sure it has...

  • Information about New Mexico
  • A packing list for people going on your trip (Think about the weather and what the physical land is like... What kinds of clothes will they need?)

Once you've made your guide, publish it or a link to it on the class blog.


Well done, historian! You have learned all about the land in New Mexico that Pueblo Indians lived in, and continue to live in! After exploring the websites above, you are very prepared to lead a trip teaching other people all about the geography of New Mexico.


  • https://www.sampletemplates.com/brochure-templates/travel-brochure-templates.html
  • http://webclipart.about.com/od/social_media_sites/ss/Native-American-Couple.htm
  • http://www.crowcanyon.org/EducationProducts/pueblo_history_kids/introduction.asp
  • http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-26032207/stock-vector-vector-color-map-of-new-mexico-state-usa.html
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