Islam By Alia Zayyad

Islam is one of the three most followed monotheistic religions in the world, it's origins have been recorded and the teachings still ongoing... here are a few basic facts on the religion altogether.


The beginnings of Islam surfaced in Mecca around 610 A.D. founded by the prophet Muhammad, who recorded the teachings of Allah in what became the Qur'aan, the sacred book of the religion. It shares similar beliefs in the prophets of Christianity and the Bible, such as Jesus, Abraham, and a few others.


Muslims, if able physically and financially, must make a trip to Mecca at least once in their lifetimes to visit the Kaaba to complete Hajj. It is a ritual that allows them to experience one of their holy figures' journeys. This as well as the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, a month where those taking part fast from sunrise to sunset, or 8:00 PM for the entire month of June. The celebration afterwards is called Eid Al-fitr, the holiday in which families participating feast and exchange gifts after a long month.


The two most well-known Islamic branches are the Sunni and Shia. The Shia Muslims believe that Islamic leaders should be descendants of the prophet Muhammad while Sunni Muslims believe that one only needs to be a follower of the religion or prophet to be one.

The Islamic people, no matter what they believe, worship Allah in a mosque. They pray five times a day either there or at home in a clean space. In a mosque, an Imam leads the prayer session in a space separate from the women. The term "Imam" also refers to an Muslim leader, whether it's of a prayer session or an entire country.


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