Tech Tip Thursday September 22, 2016

We have all searched Google for images at one time or another. But, have you ever had a hard time finding a specific type of image while searching?

Well, Google has several ways to narrow down your search to find the perfect image!

Here's how to make it happen:

First go to Google Images.

This tip will work within any Google search engine, but if you are specifically searching for images, try using www.images.google.com instead of Google.com.

Google Images allows users to search for only images rather than filtering through other results.

Search for an image.

Type in the subject that you would like to search. For example, search Penguins.

Once the search has loaded, select the Search Tools button for even more options!

Narrow down the search results!

Narrow the results by Size, Color, Type, Time, or Usage Rights!

Under Type, users can even select animated GIF images!

To put this into perspective, maybe you only want to view the clip art results. Click Type and select Clip Art.

Or perhaps you only want to see images that are primarily red. No problem! Click Color and choose the red square!

Or maybe your students are conducting research and you only want them using copyright safe images. Click Usage Rights and select Labeled for Reuse or Labeled for Reuse with Modification. Only the images that have given permission to be reused are shown!


I use the Color option almost every time I search in order to find transparent images. Using transparent images allows users to overlap multiple images because the backgrounds are transparent! Transparent images have a checkered background before adding them to a document.

Check out the difference!

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