Go Grammar Project By Erika Linton, Kate Walter, Lily Walsh, and Daisy Yates

Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

- A pronoun is a word used as a replacement or substitute for nouns or noun phrases.

Examples of Pronouns (Both Singular and Plural)

- An antecedent is a word or phrase replaced by a substitute.

As a note, a pronoun must agree with its antecedent in three ways.

1. Gender

2. Person

3. Number

Ways We Promoted Our Grammar Rule

Memes/Instagram Account

The Instagram account was named GrammarPugs, because that was our team name. On this Instagram account, we posted memes that related to our grammar rule. Lily and Daisy made these memes together.

When referring to multiple people or objects, use a plural pronoun. However, when referring to just one person or object, always use a singular pronoun.

Teaching in Class

We taught the class using our PowerPoint and a worksheet. They tested their skills with a Kahoot at the end. Lily and Erika made the PowerPoint. Lily also made the Kahoot and Daisy made the worksheet.


Daisy made a comic about how pronouns and antecedents should always agree.

Comic made by Daisy Yates


Daisy designed the t-shirts and Erika made them. The design was of a match with the words "Match your pronouns...Pronoun Antecedent Agreement."

T-shirts made by Erika
T-shirts made by Erika
Design made by Daisy


Daisy made the posters and designed them.


Lily made a worksheet to test the knowledge of our classmates. Mrs. Lambert has a copy of this worksheet.


All photos are by The GrammarPugs

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