okapis zebra deer

Okapis live in areas that have rain.Sometimes dry places to!

Okapis look like three animals mixed up. These are the animals,Girrafe,zebra,deer.

It is like a giraffe because it kinda has a long neck.The tongue is purple like a giraffe

okapis can run fast from stuff chasing them.They run from predators the predators are like people and meat eaters.

The to in the background are yelling  at each other

Getting food on a tree

Okapi in cage

The are grass and hay eaters.Do not worry they will not harm you.Only sometimes they will let you pet them.

okapis can be rare. A lot of times they are rare.If you have a chance you may get it.

you can see as the zebra part is front legs and back legs on the back higher.

At some of the zoo's have okapis.But a lot of them don't. They are cute when they are babies.



Grass-grass is something we stand on outside

Harm-harm is something that may scare you or hurt you


Yelling-yelling is like talking but louder

Cage-is something that a animal can be in

Mixed-is something that is by its self then put something with it

Run-Walking but a lot faster

Area-A area Ina a placel


Created with images by karen horton - "Okapi" • Marie Hale - "Okapis" • Abi Skipp - "Okapi" • davidshort - "Okapi (DvKr)"

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