Abducted by valeria rodriguez

It was a very busy day in New York, especially for a young girl named Madison.

Madison was a tall, beautiful 16 year old. She was a very bright girl that loved going out and solving mysteries. She sought to be a detective, and although that was Madison's goal, her parents didn't approve. They thought Madison was insane.

One day the argument with Madison and her parents got a little out of hand, and she burst out of her home. The arguments were always about the same thing. Whether Madison should spend her time doing what she loved, or what her parents wanted her to accomplish.

As Madison walked to the park, she heard a lady shouting for help. Someone had taken her 5 year old son. The kidnapper was long gone, and the lady was going crazy not knowing where her son was. Madison didn't know what to do, she had never dealt with anything that big.

When the police arrived, they took the lady for some questions, and Madison decided to stick around to look for any evidence they had missed on the abductor. Madison looked around trying to find any clues that could lead her to the suspect.

A few moments later, Madison had the idea to re-watch and check any other cameras around hoping to find something. When she saw the video where the boy was taken, she noticed the kidnappers face wasn't shown as the police had mentioned, but she noticed he had dropped something. His wallet.

Madison opened the wallet hoping to find something to reveal the identity of the man. She luckily found his ID. The mans name was Tom Owen. He was a tall man with dark hair, bushy eyebrows, and light eyes.

Madison ran to the police with the wallet, and they did everything possible to track the man down. The process took a while, but soon the man was located. He owned a nearby car garage that had been closed down.

When the police arrived, they found the boy inside and returned him to his mother. Tom didn't try to escape since he knew there were helicopters and many police outside waiting for him. He was was arrested and sent to prison.

Madison's help was immensely appreciated by the lady and the police. Her observation skills got a boy safe home to his family.

When Madison's parents saw her, they realized they had made a big mistake deciding their daughter's future. Madison was going to practice what she loved and her parents were going to support her along the way. They promised to be a united family.

Years later, Madison is now a few steps away from becoming a professional detective. As she steps on stage to receive her degree, she remembers all the hard work and how she was able to reach her goal with the help of her loving family and close friends.


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