Top Ten Portfolio by Joshua kaufman


The following presentation highlights the top ten take aways I got from the class that I felt were the most meaningful and important to understanding the principles of creativity.

#1: On the first day of class, we were told to create the tallest object we could with the materials around us
Through this exercise I learnd the value of teamwork, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.
#2: Through the Speaker Series, I was able to listen to successful entrepreneurs and realize the real-world value of understanding the 4 p's

#3: Idea- Observing

By learning about the creative thinking tool Observing, I learned the value of truly understanding something. .
We learned how Picasso would draw over and over a sketch of a birds foot, absorbing the details. Only then would his father let him begin painting.

In my future creative endeavors, this lesson will help me refine my ideas and processes into something more effective.

#4: The Creative Persons Resume

In this assignment, I created a 'creative resume' for Walt Disney. Listing his failures, success, and creative process.
From this I learned the importance of persevering and working through setbacks.

#5: Empathizing

Through Empathizing, we learned the power of shared experiences, and how this can be used creatively

#6: Abstracting Animals

An in class assignment we had was to draw an image. We then repeatedly drew the image until it barely resembled itself. This reflects Picasso's drawing technique.

#7: 30 Day Project

Warm, cheesy, Heaven Slice of pure Euphoria Too soon, it is gone

The 30 day project made me rethink my own creativity and pushed me to creative craft in new ways. The above haiku was one of my first assignments, and represents the simple, yet neat form of creativity i developed throughout this project.

#8: 3-D Prototyping Project

My team designed, created, and marketed a children's toy. Through this process I learned not only about different types of creativity, but also how to apply that creativity to a real world situation.

#9: Ideate

A video we watched in class showed a company called IDEO which would apply unconventional idea building and teamwork to inspire innovation
The video highlighted ideas we had learned previously in the course, such as the 4 p's.

#10: Dancing Instead of Powerpoint

We watched a video in class showing how dance could be used to explain complicated ideas, like physics. This meant a lot to me, as it expanded my way of thinking and challenged me to push the boundaries of my creativity.

I felt all of these experiences best personified the learning skills taught to us through the Creativity courses. Ranging from the 4 P's to the creative thinking tools, each assignment helped me rethink my definition of creativity.

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