Portfolio Michelle Popal


My task for this project was to restore the image by removing the scratches on the photo as well as removing some of the the man's moles and fixing his eye to make him look more appealing. I used the spot healing brush and I turned on content awareness to remove the scratches cleanly. I then used the lasso tool (with a feather radius) to select the right eye and flipped the eye horizontally to put over his actual left eye.


To make the comic book cover look more visually appealing, I decided to use bold and vibrant colors. This project mainly focuses on my ability to highlight (using the dodge tool) and darken colors which appear as shadows (using the burn tool). This in effect makes my comic look more 3D.


In this project, I transformed an ordinary house into a haunted house by selecting the original house with the quick selection tool and adjusting the brightness of the house by duplicating it onto a separate layer. I also skewed the house and moved it to a background of my selection that would provide a more spooky effect. In addition, I added rain, fog, and a gleaming ray of light to create this effect.



hokusai's artwork

In the creation of our visual art's presentation, my group decided to study the works of Katsushika Hokusai. To make our presentation visually appealing, we created a constant theme by which we added pieces of his art in the background of our slides. I had to use the quick selection tool to crop and move the flowers from its original neutral blue background to the back of our slides but only after I adjusted the opacity/transparency of these images.

The finished look...

Surrealism project

My surrealism project was inspired by Salvador DalĂ­ and one of his most recognizable works, "The Persistence of Memory." I worked with several different layers to portray the message that we cannot control time in our dreams. On a day to day basis we are so concerned about managing our time, but our dreams allow us to escape the limits that time places on us.

Paint effects

For this assignment, I took two normal photos and transformed them to make them appear as paintings. I was able to achieve this look by using different brushes on Photoshop. I moved the photos onto a separate layer that looks like canvas paper and I purposely did not paint the whole photo as a way to make it appear as if the painting is still a work in progress.

Illustrator cartoons

Through the use of Illustrator, I was able to draw Grr. I struggled creating this cartoon because I had to move different layers to the front and to the back. I also played around with different stroke volumes and shadows to make him look three-dimensional.
When given the opportunity to draw a cartoon character of my choice, I chose to draw Winnie the Pooh using Illustrator. I found his hands to be the biggest challenge because it would not easily fill with the color yellow and sometimes even turned red due to his shirt. I made sure to fill the bottom part of his foot with a darker shade of yellow to make it appear as a shadow and I used different sized strokes that I felt made him look the most visually appealing.

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