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We're students from Mr. Saracini's classroom! We have technology to learn different topics. We had to find a topic that still effects today and relate it back to Women Sufferage. We decided to make a website of our report.


Equal Pay is the concept of giving someone, whether gender or race, the same pay as everyone else if they have a job similar or equal. Equal pay for equal work. For example would be in sports. Women who play soccer get $126,000 a year and men get $6 million a year. Even though the women's soccer team wins and actually earns medals, the men's team still earns more even though they haven't won their cup in a while. This would be one of the many example of Equal Pay. The issue on equal pay even has the Equal Pay Act (EPA) which states that some one only goes against it if, a man and women are found to have the same job or a similar job, but one is getting payed higher than the other. The EPA wasn't really noticed and it was ignored. Even today, we still have problems with this issue, including women of different races getting lower pay than other people. The wage gap is huge and this issue needs to stop!

"There will never be a new world order until women are a part of it." -Alice Paul


In the working industry, there is something called a “wage gap” that discriminates sex and working positions. Some jobs refuse to hire women and mothers just because they are female, and their work is undervalued. There might also be sexual harassment at a women’s workplace, taking away the safeness of her job.

Even though women earn the most college degrees, the gap still continues, and wage gap grows when women get older. Hispanic and Latinos earn less money than White men, while Asian women and men make way more money than everyone else; Latinas in the U.S. are usually paid 54 cents for every dollar white / non-Hispanic men make, which isn't fair because year round, full-time women are typically paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to year round full-time men. Wage gaps harm Latinas and their families, women are affected “as soon as they enter the labor force.” For older women, the gap is larger; ages 45-64 working full time are paid $0.72 and it makes it harder for women to save for retirement. They would have to work 16 more years to make up for the gap. Lesbian women make less, and transgender also make less after they transition, and women with disabilities. This wage gap also affects women paying off their student loans, men are again able to accomplish this because they earn more money, it is estimated that women will have to wait 44 years for the payment earned to be equal, if the gap still continues. And if it does Hispanic women will have to wait until 2248 and African American women until 2124.

"Mr. President how long must women wait to get their liberty? Let us have the rights we deserve." -Alice Paul

Is this still a thing?

All the time we see feminists on the streets holding their picket signs that say “Women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes,” this might be statistically accurate but it doesn't sum it all up. The fact that there's a 20% difference in pay between the genders is just a statistic that represents all jobs in the country. When you get into specific fields the wage gap shrinks impressively. For starters, a lot of women take up lower paying jobs. Also, women in business do get paid less, but think of this, business takes up more time and an commitments, and what are women doing in their 20’s and 30’s? Most are having children. Because they have to take care of their children, women in business have less time for work commitments. As supposed to a female scientist where the wage gap is much smaller because they have less commitments. And it's not all terrible for women in business the wage gap begins to shrink in their 40’s and 50’s. The wage gap isn't as bad as liberals make it out to be, the wage gap is complex and there's good reasoning for the wage gap.

Nonetheless, there's still a difference in pay. Although the wage gap has decreased, at this rate women won't achieve equal pay until 2152. This fact is outrage; and It gets worse for women of color. As supposed to other women who get pat 79% of a white male’s salary, a black woman get paid only 63% of a white male’s salary. That's a 33% difference! The truth is that women get paid less for equal work, we Americans need to change this flawed system that excludes so many of our citizens.

Importance of Jobs

If men and women both have similar jobs and execute with effort, responsibility, and skill earning a related wage should be enforced. Not just for women, but for every race and gender working in these conditions like American men. Despite the Equal Pay Act, protecting men and women from discriminating pay rates, it doesn't cover working women earning less than American men. This problem is affecting health, education, and efficiency. Women of color tend to work in lower-paying jobs with fewer hours, but the wide wage gap is questioning socialist if ethnicity is determining employee's pay. Women have a share in their family's income. They need to take care of themselves, their children and with some women being single parents, this all makes it harder. Overall the wage you earn results in your future. Gender discrimination needs to stop!

Women Sufferage?

Equal pay was no such thing back then. Men were the only ones working with a safe place, women would almost get nothing and get no safety. Women would have to get married to get the money they needed to keep going yet, women would be legally dead. Women who actually worked weren't pay enough, women didn't have safety exits, and she could not survive without a man. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 gives men and women the same pay, yet it doesn't give us the same. The women suffrage, women fought for that right. Where its it now?

How do we fix this?

We can start position. There's so many ideas. There needs to be a voice, we can create a voice. There's so many ways we can create a voice with the new technology we have today. If you believe you deserve a better pay, you can have a great impacted. To be equal, you need to have equal rights, pay, and etc. This country made laws for equal pay yet, we don't see it. Equal is to be in the same position, same status, not to be treated different, to be respected.

For further information check out, www.aauw.org

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