Healthy relationships by justin martin

Living with one real parent and one step parent.Living with just one parent. Mother and father married in the same house.

It's a basic unit of society when two or more people are joined by blood or marrige adoption.

Some ways familys mete there healthy needs are by eating healthy and caring for each other and by listning to each other

we all need things to live like clothes food water shelter and the way we use that is to make money and thats why we have parents to to that. we are all lucky to have people in our life to take care of us.

Menatal needs we all share and experiance thingsd together its good to have moments with your dad or mom or anyone realy its good tospend tim ewith them.

Emotional Needs Love, acceptance, and support. we all need this to feel good and needed.

Social Needs.Families teach how to get along with each other and with people outside the family

Ways to Improve Family Life,Show appreciation for each other

Support other family members

Spend quality time together

Communicate effectively

Show responsibility

Show respect

Follow family rules

How might family practices/traditions affect health decisions?

  • some family traditions are good because they have extrasize and they keep you shape,and others have a bad tradiotions becuase you eat a lot of food.

All of these are important because they make you who you are.


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