Code of Conduct Last update: 15/01/2021

As Global Shapers, we have the fortune of participating in a community that many before us have worked hard to create and nurture. It is our responsibility to participate in the community in a way that respects our common Values, Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.

Together, we commit to:

  • Respectfully represent the hub and our community
  • Engage compassionately with the needs of others
  • Be accountable to ourselves and hub members
  • Proactively work with others to achieve common goals
  • Communicate clearly, honestly and respectfully
  • Value the opinions and potential of others
  • Be ethically responsible and demonstrate integrity

As Shapers, we apply these principles in all our actions to uphold the community’s mission and protect its reputation in ways that leaves it healthy and vibrant for future members.

The Global Shapers Community Code of Conduct

As part of the Global Shapers Community, we also:

  • Affirm the Charter of the Global Shapers Community
  • Understand that the Global Shapers Community is tied to no political, partisan or national interests and refrain from any action that could damage our reputation
  • Do not enter into obligations on behalf of the Global Shapers Community or undertake any action with third parties that would be binding on the Foundation
  • We understand that the Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum and we will abide by the above principles in relation to the Forum
  • Do not use the Global Shapers Community, nor Forum meetings, activities or events to approach fellow Shapers or other World Economic Forum partners, members or experts, for our own commercial interests
  • We refrain from using Global Shapers Community and World Economic Forum activities for our own purposes without prior consent from HQ

We know that the Global Shapers Community and World Economic Forum reserve the right to terminate memberships should any violations of the Code of Conduct place the reputation of the Global Shapers Community, the World Economic Forum or its events and activities at risk.

We also know that we can raise a concern if an incident occurs which goes against our Code of Conduct. For such incidents, we have created the Global Shapers Community’s Governance and Accountability Advisory Council.

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