Florida Museum of Natural History Layla Samman

Within the Florida Museum of Natural History, there is a large butterfly exhibit. Growing up, butterflies were a sign of happiness between my mother and I. My mom loved butterflies and took every opportunity she had to make sure that I enjoyed them as much as she did. So at this point in my life, every time I see butterflies, I think of my mom, and there really isn't anything more special than that. This exhibit captured my attention the minute I saw the wall filled with different species of butterflies. Every inch of wall was covered with the most spectacular creatures. I learned so much just about being in nature. When walking in to the part of the exhibit where the butterflies were free to fly around, I fully understood how majestic butterflies actually are. They were able to do anything they wanted, and though I wasn't able to capture a picture, one small butterfly landed on my shoulder as I was admiring the others. I kept telling the friends that I was with that I was having a wonderful time among the butterflies.

Just by looking at the picture above, it is easy to tell how big the butterflies actually were. I am an average sized 19 year old, and these specific butterflies had a wingspan greater than my own head. I was definitely able to admire the different species just like the way Leopold recommended. While walking through the museum, I had a sense of calmness. Everything that the museum offered was very interesting to look at and learn about. The friends that I was with also enjoyed all of the exhibits. Because of the fact that the butterfly exhibit had an outdoor section that we were able to walk through, we were allowed to get up close and personal with all of the butterflies. It allows all visitors to experience nature in a different aspect if they choose to do so. I definitely found a sense of responsibility to make sure that I stay interested in nature and explore new things throughout my life.

sThe Florida Museum of Natural History helps us step out of our ordinary lives by appreciating what else the world has to offer. As human beings, we don't realize everything the world actual is composed of. Not only are there billions of people living here, but the amount of animal species is incredible. We are able to better appreciate the natural world but just going outside and being right in the middle of it. We as individuals can experience so much more just by living in the world with those species around us.

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