The second red scare Timeline


Both of these situations are very violent and if it got out of hang then, it can get out of hand now. The difference is that we cannot label every bad person because communists have killed just as many people in the U.S as terrorists have. Terrorism should be taken more serious in America instead of ignored like the past attacks the U.S has had. Another difference is that the second red scare was basically a threat which made American people expose United States citezens that might have been eavesdropping on the communist, but the war on terror were hijacked planes by people that followed osama bin laden who bombed important landmarks killing many people.

Jun 28, 1940

The Smith Act

the Smith Act, makes it illegal to be in any group that can encourage the damage of the government of the United States by force or violence.

Feb 4, 1945


Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin met in a town called yalta. Roosevelt agreed to Churchill's and Stalin's plans for to be able to influence Europe even when they wanted to trick them into signing the contract.

Apr 12, 1945

President Roosevelt Dies

Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed away because of cerebral hemorrhage when he was 82 days into his fourth term, the Vice President Harry S. Truman became president because of FDRs death.

Mar 5, 1946

Iron Curtain Speech

The British Prime Minister (Winston Churchill) gave a long speech "Iron Curtain" at a college in Missouri. He said that "an Iron Curtain has descended across the Continent" of Europe.

Feb 25, 1948

Czech Coup

A coup in Czechoslovakia made the first Communist government, making Americans scared that Communists will take power of them.

Mar 12, 1947

Truman Doctrine

President Truman wanted to fund to support the government of Greece and the war against Communist insurgents, making his request in the Truman Doctrine.

Mar 21, 1947

Truman Loyalty Oaths

President Truman made an Order (9835) making a program that was a loyalty security program for all of the employees he hired. It was made to make changes to/for rebubkicans and the communist government. Designed to pre-empt Republican charges of Communist infiltration of

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