NOMADIC GARDEN Documentary Project "The story of one man"

This is a story about a person called Richard who is a resident of a Nomadic Community Gardens. A place where artists can transform disused spaces into urban gardens where people are allowed to grow, create art, share their skills sets and discover what it means to built their own community from the bottom up. The place is a hidden gem in East London.

Ive discovered Nomadic Gardens while walking along the Brick Lane area. Among all the people I've seen Richard caught my eye straight away, then he waved at me and I thought that he might be a perfect character to photograph... Richard had a great story to tell. Not only he is a father of two brilliant girls, but also is a talented architect and designer. He is in his 60s and I think he is someone who represents the time passing. I have asked him a question: What is time for you? His answer was: 'Time is like a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers"

Richard discovered community gardens four months ago and now he is building his own space from the bottom and planning to open a gallery where he can teach kids how to draw,paint and use raw materials to create art. In the past he designed 4 different restaurants across London and is influenced by Nagara style of temple architecture. He wants to leave something for the enjoyment of future generations.

Richard has two daughters Debby and Anna who are in love with painting, they are planning to help his dad to sell the art that they will create together. They also design hats and have around 20 in their collection.

Richard has a portrait of his mother who past in 2013, he keeps this image as a memory of the time when she was alive. She was a great woman with a light within. This reminds him of a time when he was young and careless. Time for him is something that began, happened and ended, but it's always important to appreciate the moment.

Richard thinks that if people reveal something about their character, they are seen in their true light..

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