Cali was our riverboat guide. He helped us spot a crocodile from out of nowhere. Cali told us that he has seen some that are as long as the canoe we were riding in! We felt a little scared and then he told us that the big ones never come into the shallow water that we were touring.

We also saw a sloth in the wild - it looked like he waved at us. On the river we also saw a heron and a blue morpho butterfly. There were SO MANY mosquitos - thank goodness Momma put the right bugspray on us! We had to use the bad kind with Deet.

We meet two women from Chihuahua , Mexico who shared our boat ride with us. One only spoke Spanish and the other one spoke English and Spanish.

"I asked our boat guide, Cali, if anyone has ever fallen off the boat and he responded by saying, 'Once we were on a nighttime tour and there was this woman who was scared of bats and a bat flew right next to her and she jumped up so quickly and fell off the side and everyone else did too because the boat was too imbalanced." Cali had a little smile as he retold the story.

Cali showed us the inside of a wild banana. Wild banana trees were all along the river. They have big black seeds in them and the insides are like custard! They look and taste very different from "cultivated" bananas. Cali told us a story about his grandfather exporting wild bananas until scientists created what we now know as "bananas" in the 1960's. Cali said that "old people don't eat the new invention bananas around here."

"I don't have anything have anything to say. Really, I don't." Baanko

We learned SO much from the tour of the sloth sanctuary and nursery. This is a picture of "Buttercup" - she is the first sloth that was ever rescued by this sanctuary. The reason that the sloths at the sanctuary cannot be returned to the wild is because of either permanent disability or because they were abandoned within their first year of life and therefore did not learn the necessary skills from their mother to survive on their own.

We "hung around" for a while after the tour.

We were so LUCKY to get a glimpse of this shy sloth.

We created a great quiz about everything we learned at the sanctuary and would love to test you when we get home!

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