Nigeria Fighting drug-resistant TB in children

We support people affected by TB,

wherever and whoever they may be

TB is curable unlike other diseases, that is why nobody should die of the disease

Dr Babawale Victor, TB specialist, National TB and Leprosy Control Program

The injection is so inconvenient for the children. I also feel the pain

Tayo, father of Praise, Ibadan, Nigeria

You can imagine having to give a child an injection every day. If this child is malnourished, has lost a lot of weight

Prof. Regina Oladokun, professor of pediatric infectious diseases, University College Hospital, Ibadan

Childhood drug-resistant TB is a major challenge in Nigeria

Dr Urhioke Ochuko, Head Childhood Tuberculosis Unit, National TB and Leprosy Control Programme

No mother can bare to see her child go through the injection pain for a long duration

Morounfolu Olanike, Health Educator, Drug-Resistant TB focal point for Lagos state

I'm so happy that we are going to go all oral and we remove the injectables

Prof. Ige Olusoji, Chairman of the national Consellum for the management drug-resistant TB

I had to encourage her to take the treatment starting with the injection. It wasn’t an easy task at all

Obinna Atachie Anthonette, mother

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a huge monster

Dr Adekola Adekunle, Medical Advisor with Damien Foundation Belgium, Ibadan

We had a lot of challenges in treating the children of the pain they go through when they receive the injections. It's not friendly

Sadiq Martins Olubukola, Head Pharmacist, University College Hospital, Ibadan

The best preventive measure for TB is to get patients who have TB and put them on treatment

Dr Henry Owuna, Medical Officer for TB, DR-TB and HIV, Lagos

Even the adults, for somebody to be taking injections daily, it is not easy

Abosede Serifat Opowu, DR-TB Nurse, Ibadan

It is much easier to take the new medicine than the old one

Sefiu Mohammed, father of Saliaf, Lagos

We just drop the tablets in water and it will dissolve within a few minutes. So it's extremely wonderful. Stop TB Partnership and Global Drug Facility have made the work a lot easier

Aboluwoye Moradeyo, public health nurse and counsellor at DR-TB Centre, Lagos

With the oral formulation, now the side effects are…. well, a lot less

Dr Sheshi Michael, regional PMDT Advisor, KNCV

In the past we have many patients that lost their hearing

Dr Taliatu Fatai Adio, DR-TB specialist, Government Chest Hospital Jericho, Ibadan

The pain that is associated with the injectables will not be there. With the support of Stop TB Partnership and Global Drugs Facility things will be better

Busari Idayat Titilayo, assistant director of nursing, Clinical Nursing Department, University College Hospital, Ibadan

Once the pharmacist knows the number of tablets that they will use, just puts in a specified volume of liquid and it’s good to go

Ghaniyu Abideen, pharmacist, Government Chest Hospital Jericho, Ibadan

Our mandate is to make sure that all cases are detected. All of them are put on treatment and to ensure that all of them get cured and to make sure that by 2030 TB is completely eradicated in Nigeria

Dr Babawale Victor, TB specialist, National TB and Leprosy Control Program

We support people affected by TB,

wherever or whoever they may be

The Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility’s Pediatric Drug-Resistant TB Initiative is possible thanks to the support provided:

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