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Pop art is art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values. Many artists have made an impact on society due to their pop art style. This art is the use of mainly primary colors but no paint is allowed to be mixed. Pop art was and is still viewed upon in society as a positive way to look at life. Jasper Johns is a notable artist from the peak of pop art due to his irregular portraits that mainly consisted of targets, geometric shapes, flags, and the United States. My artwork is going to be based off of Johns because I find his unique style challenging and interesting.

Last class, I went over the six sketches I drew and chose my three best ones that I would incorporate in my accordion book. In my book, I decided to use a combination of oversized geometric shapes and overlapped letters just like how Johns overlapped his numbers. I plan on using hashtags to fill in my white space. Also, for my overlapped letters, I'm going to use words that represent me. For example, next year I am attending ECU so I'm going to use the words "pirates, lauren, ecu" etc.

In order to create the cover of my booklet, I plan on implementing the use of three primary colors like Jasper Johns. I chose yellow, blue, and green because they are my favorite. In order to make this cover, I have to sketch, color, and cut my cover page so I can then attach it to cardboard. This cardboard will give the paper the true feel of a book cover. To attach the paper to the cardboard, I will have to cut that a half inch shorter then my paper and fold the edges while using elders glue.

Last class, I sketched and outlined my cover page and began to color it. When I was doing this task, I made sure to use the proper drawing techniques so it wouldn't look like I scribbled on my paper. In order to create a different appearance and texture, I used marker and watercolor pencil. When I was drawing with the marker, I made sure to do straight consistent lines rather than going back and fourth. When I was coloring with the colored pencil, I drew small round circles to make the color more full and appealing on paper.

Today I finished coloring my book cover and applied it to the cardboard. This task was difficult because the cardboard was arduous to cut with the exacto knives. However, I used elmers glue to ensure my paper would stick and not peel off. My cover for the accordion book is a funky geometric shape that I was inspired to do by the work of Johns and the shapes I created for the cover. Overall, I think my cover turned out pretty well and I am excited to move on to the pages in my book.

Today, I started sketching my pages for the inside of my book. This task is difficult right now because I'm having to size my sketches up from what they were in my sketch book. However, I am happy with what I chose to do because on paper it looks aesthetically pleasing and represents me well. As of right now, I'm halfway done with my first sketch. I am excited to finish because I really like the hashtags I came up with to fill in the white space surrounding the shapes. I am concerned about the sharpie bleeding through to the other side when I go over my outline but as long as I draw with long sweeping motions, I shouldn't have an issue.

Today I finished my first sketch and am beginning to trace it with sharpie. My previous concern was that it was going to bleed through to the other side but so far it has been fine. I also made sure to use a ruler while tracing so the lines would be more exact and distinctive. After I finished tracing in sharpie, I moved to the other side of my paper to begin my second sketch. I am excited to see how this page turns out because it has the shape containing the word "pirates" on it. This word is my favorite because it represents me the most based on the school I'm attending next year and I think it gives the sketch detail.

Today, I finished my second page sketch and traced it in sharpie. I began to pick out colors that coordinated to my cover page. I also made sure to use different materials such as colored pencil and marker because my artist used multiple materials as well. Drawing in these materials was rigorous because if you didn't continue to fill in a shape in a pattern, the coloring would look rushed and not clean. Today I achieved coloring in half of my first sketch.

After last class, I took a minute to reflect on my artwork today to see what I really like and what I do not. So far, I am still obsessed with the way the hashtags look on my pages. However, I do not like the green colored pencil I used to fill in shapes. Even though I do not like this color, I cannot change it now or else the paper will look inconsistent. During this class period I also finished coloring my whole first sketch. So far I am proud of my work and can definitely see the similarities in style compared to Jasper Johns.

Today I began coloring in my second sketch. This process is tedious because its so simple but you do have to be cautious while coloring. I also noticed that I liked to use my markers rather than my colored pencils as a material so I tried to make sure I was making an even distribution of both. Overall, I think consistently drawing in small circles for colored pencil and straight lines for markers was the most tedious thing I did on this project. However, I knew if I didn't color this way my paper would of looked sloppy and unfinished. This is the reason why I took my time to make sure my coloring techniques were correct so it would reflect well on my pages once they were complete.

Today I finished coloring my second sketch and began to cut my pages. In order to do this, I had to plan what shape I wanted my pages to be and what would be the best length and landscape to cut them in order for them to look good. After I cut my pages, I began to fold them and glue the two long strips together. This way, it starts to look like an accordion book. Once the paper had dried and it was folded correctly, I began to plan what I would do to my pages so they wouldn't look like ordinary pages anymore.

Today I began to cut out shapes in my pages. Some I would string with yarn while others I would leave plain. Today I also added a pocket on my page which was difficult because the paper material I used was very thick and hard to bend. Overall, I think my favorite material I added was the yarn because it gave my pages a cool dimension and it was fun to create.

Today I added a triangle shaped pocket which I thought was creative and contributed to my own style of artwork. I also added a few more cutouts so I could string them with yarn as well. I also incorporated pop outs along the edges that connect the pages together. I think the pop outs make the pages look edgy and bold which goes along with the idea of my black and plain hashtags. My pages are almost complete and now I am just adding the final touches.

Today I completed all of the requirements I need on a page. I added pop outs, yarn, pockets, and weavings. All of these details were time consuming but totally changed the look of my book. One of my favorite details is the green weaving that goes over the black and white hashtag. In my opinion the colors and patterns look fantastic as they cross which makes the page appealing and less boring.

Today is one of the last days I worked on this project. For today, I decided on what paper I wanted to matte my cover pages with in order to cover the white. I picked a royal blue cover because I thought that wold look best with the pages right beside it. I also had to figure out how to attach the pages without totally glueing one side to the cover. As it turns out, there was a super simple solution to make a small fold and hot glue that to the cover. I had tried liquid glue first but it did not turn out so well due to the books weight and covers toughness.

Today I put my whole book together and reflected on this project as a whole. Making this book was one of my favorite projects all year because it was detail oriented and incorporated skills we have learned throughout the year. I liked my color scheme because it was bright and cheerful. I also liked this project because the book at the end felt very my style even though I took noted from Johns. Overall, I think I met my goal of making a good balance between what is my style compared to Jasper Johns. I was very happy to complete this project because I really did put a lot of time and effort into it and it felt very personalized with the shapes and words I chose to use.


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