1. For this exhibit I will analyze a test from my math 1020 class with my professor. It is the most difficult class I am taking this semester. I have struggled with math my entire career in school. This class is especially important to me because I am having to retake it from last semester to earn a better grade. I am choosing to go over test 2. I received an 84 on this exam.

3. I feel like I had a pretty good plan going into this test. I feel my grade reflects that. However, there is always room for improvement. For my next test I would like to make an A. I feel I can improve on my daily study habits and have a little better cram period scheduled for my next test. My next test is April 19. This is my plan for that test.

4. I feel like this was really helpful for me. Since the final exam is cumulative I feel it was very beneficial to go over the questions I missed as they could appear on final. The teacher really helped me understand what I missed. I feel sometimes after you make a good grade on a test you tend to forget about it. I feel like this makes you forget all the material you just learned. I will start going to review test with all my professors. I also feel like doing this really improves your relationship with your professor. They can tell you are making an effort and are very helpful. Writing out my cram plan I feel was very beneficial because it will be set in stone and easy to follow before my next test. Before I kind of followed the same plan but it was nowhere as detailed.

5. April 13- My next math test is in a week and I am feeling more confident due to meeting with my teacher about the previous exam. I improved my plan so there wouldn't be any unfamiliar material. I did this by studying the book and understanding the concepts more as a whole. I also feel more confident because my teacher gave me a really helpful hint. For the free response question if you include the units and write the rest of the response right you will still revive credit. Getting the right answer is actually what is worth the least amount of point on the free response.


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