A five year voyage By:olivia taylor

August 1831- Darwin was invited to be the naturalist aboard the HMS beagle for a five year study voyage of mapping the earth. But his father and sisters were against this plan because they thought he was too immature.

September 1831- Darwin realized that his begging was not enough to convince his father. So Darwin asked his uncle to convince his father and finally his father gave in and allowed him to go on the voyage.

December 1831- after many failed tries of heading out on their journey they finally left with 73 men on crew.

January 1832- the ship arrived at Santa Cruz port on tenerife islands but they were reframed from setting foot on the land due to outbreaks from England.

January 1832- the ship landed on its first island, Cape Verde, where Darwin made his first discovery of a cliff that was once under water and Darwin wondered how it came to be 60 ft above the water.

December 1832- Darwin descoverd many species and studied them, the crew met their first savages and offered them red clothing and they become friendly to the crew and were able to speak English.

January 1833- they ran into some Indians but were worried about their friendliness so they left two people there to handle their mission.

May 1833- Darwin asked back home if his father would send money for him to get a servent named syms Covington.

November 1833- Darwin has found a passion for fossil collecting and abords the beagle again and sea sick

February 1834- they went to wooly cove and it was darwins birthday so the captain named to mt. There mt.darwin.

April 1834- the beagle finally made it to cape of homn Africa where they explored

October 1834- Darwin became very ill, but once he recovered he joined the crew again.

February 1835- and earth quake hit valdivia and Darwin was right in the middle of it and he dicroverd the land was rising due to the earthquake and he also realized that the Andes mountains were slowly rising.

March 1835- he set off for a second exploration to the Andes mountains.

December 1835- the ship arrived at New Zealand and they were suspicious about the people there because they practiced cannibalism

January 1836- the ship landed in Sydney harbor Australia

August 1836- there were complications in Africa so they went back

October 1836- they finally arrived home after a four year 9 month and 5 day trip.


Created with images by Forsaken Fotos - "Wooden ship in the ice at Curtis Creek" • O En - "Darwin (6)" • mechanicalcurator - "Image taken from page 536 of 'Discoveries in Australia; with an account of the coasts and rivers explored and surveyed during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, in the years 1837-43. ... Also a narrative of Capt. Owen Stanley's visits to the Islands in the Araf" • eikira - "charles darwin museum london"

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