We've Got This You Make Me Proud

As I write this, snow is falling outside my window. As I saw the flakes starting to accumulate on the sidewalk, my first thought was:

Snow, again? Haven't we had enough of this already?

But that thought was quickly followed by this:

We've got this. Whatever comes our way, I know we can handle it.

The past six weeks have given me that confidence. I have seen our staff respond to a crisis and our response filled me with awe, gratitude and certainty. Frankly, our team is awesome.

The word challenging only begins to describe what we experienced these past six weeks. We haven't seen so much snow during a winter since 1901. And we are still grappling with what it means to have missed so many school days. But we are whole. I am grateful to my bones that our current discussions are about calendars and protocols, not about the loss of life.

The experience of the roof collapsing left me shaken, but the recovery efforts have left me confident and proud. Through this experience, I know with complete confidence that our team is capable of great things.

I've never seen people work harder than I did during those days when we pushed to clear snow from our schools and reopen them safely. Our maintenance and custodial staff members worked tirelessly in exhausting, cold conditions. Their work was inspring.

I am grateful to be part of Bend-La Pine Schools and this incredible team. Whatever challenges we experience as we move forward, I know we will face them together. And together, I know we can accomplish almost anything.


Shay Mikalson, Superintendent

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