Exploring Technology By Victor Stroie

During this semester we did a lot of project. The first was the impossible puzzle which was when we tried to put together 3d looking shapes with 2d papers. Another project we did was a measuring project where we tried to get an image from drawing lines of certain length. The third project we did was the color your kitchen project in which we colored kitchens in Sketchup. The fourth project we did was the Wind turbines project where we made win turbines and tried to create electricity from them. The fifth project we did was the Engineering Go For it project where we took notes and then answered questions about different types of engineers. The sixth project we did was the billions in change project where we watched a video and then answered questions about it. The last project we did was building wooden towers out of very light wood which would later be used to hold weights.

impossible puzzle Project

Impossible Puzzle Project: In the Impossible Puzzle Project we tried to assemble 3d shapes with their parts printed on paper. We had to assemble the shapes without ripping any paper and while covering certain squares. The project was done in groups and it took the whole class a while but eventually we finished it.

Measuring Project

Measuring Project: In the measuring project we were given a sheet of paper and instructions. The first thing that we had to do was make a large rectangle on the paper that was a certain amount of inches in length and a certain amount of inches in width. Then we followed the instructions and by drawing dots and then connecting them the end image that we got was a sailboat.

Color Your Kitchen Project

The Color Your Kitchen Project: In The Color Your Kitchen Project we colored simulated kitchens in a program called Sketchup. In this program we were not only able to color our kitchens but also make parts of them looks like they are made of certain materials like steel or wood.

Wind Turbines Project

Wind turbine Project: In the wind turbine project we made wind turbine blades with a partner. Then we took the blades and attached to something that would spin and create energy if the blades spin. We then tested the amount of energy our blades could create from different distances and wind speeds using a fan.

Engineering go for it Project

Engineering Go For It Project: In this project we went on a website and did research and learned about different types of engineers. After we did this we answered questions about the topic.

Billions in change video project

Billions in Change Video Project: In this project we watched a video about the CEO of 5 hour energy and how his team was inventing things to help people who do not have clean water and electricity. After we did this we answered questions about the topic.

Tower project

Tower Project: This project was actually our biggest project. In this project we made wooden towers out of flimsy pieces of wood and wood glue. After making the three sides of the tower we glued all the parts of the tower together and in this project we learn how to do this exact thing. After making the tower we then tested how much weight the towers could support and used that to find the tower's efficiency number.


Created with images by Pexels - "usb technology computer" • fdecomite - "Soma cubes" • BRRT - "ruler steel ruler metal" • flakeparadigm - "Paint Brush" • mcdlttx - "Wind Turbine" • blickpixel - "board electronics computer" • Olichel - "coins pennies money" • yoppy - "Wooden Sightseeing Tower"

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