Convergence of the Change Agents july 25th, 2017 - from the seed within by yeshua lucis - Into the mythica

I return to Crestone from an adventure deep into the Sacred Land, to a permaculture farm in a remote valley outside of Pagosa Springs with Abraham and Kalibri. I venture to the Cloud Cafe. In the lobby I see two beings, bright and shining. In the corner of my eye I see a sticker in the center of her laptop, which I recognize as a Sigil of the Guardian Alliance.

Avatars of the Guardian Alliance

I bend down to take a closer look and ask her if it is of the Guardian Alliance, which she affirms with a smile. Introductions are had and I learn their names as Joshua Smith and Miranda Jahalayiti. Miranda shares that they are here with the Guardian Alliance and Adam Apollo for the Crestone Convergence Conference. They invite me to join. It is an event exploring how to merge sustainability and spirituality, which is apropos, consider Into the Mythica is about just that.

Joshua shares that he had overheard my conversation earlier with someone about synchronicity and divine timing, that things are happening orchording to the divine orchestration. He shares that just recently he had discovered me on facebook, and that we encountered each other last year at the DreamWeavers Sanctuary at the same time that Natural of the Peace Love Unity movement showed up, along with a host of other spiritual change agents.

I share Into the Mythica's mission with them and great resonance is shared, with interest in future collaboration.

I recognize these repeating messages and mythic themes as realmsign, that I am moving into the realms of the new paradigm organizations, gatherings and the Avatars of this emerging paradigm, particular those that hold the tone of Being the Change. The true Djedi.

I return to the forest, and feel inspiration flow through me, recording this musical video.

We are the Source and Center of Creation, the Axis of all Worlds, and the Eyes through which God Sees. As Peter Fae writes in the Physics of the Quest, "Your Self is the center, the origin and centerpoint of all of your circumstance. It is the axis of all Worlds, the potential union and embodiment of Heaven on Earth. Everything you experience is relative to the structure of your own prism of Self. Only by changing that vibration, by applying the techniques of change, can You step into another reality."

I set up camp as a storm forms, and lightning strikes in the distance...I can feel the power of the land.

It begins to pour, and I realize there is a hole in my tent, and the water begins to leak in under my sleeping bag. Another song channels through, and I sing "In the center of the storm, I am reborn." I pack up my things and head down from the overlook into the town, where I rest in my truck by the stream....

In the morning I am in a fritz, and dealing with confusion and inner pain. Recognizing that I am not experiencing the Grace that wants to happen through me, but rather a distortion, I head to the river. I enter into my practices, such as ho'oponopono, breathwork and meditation, and invoke a powerful clearing. Returning to the pure elements of the land always helps me to rebalance. After all, we are made of the Land.

The matter of clearing my perception to reveal the magick, is the journey into the Mythica, the real magickal world. After a major clearing and abundance prayer I receive new inspirations for my Mythic Mirroring service, and the idea to go to the cafe and flesh them out. There I arrive in time and space to intersect Adam Apollo, who is a ally of the Mythica, an Avatar of the Galactic and a major inspiration to me along my Quest. He invites me to the Crestone Convergence Conference.

This is an illustration of the Physics of the Quest. That there is a deeper meaning underneath the circumstance of our lives. The characters, the places and the ideas as they occur are relative to a grander unfoldment. In the Mythica Model, these things reflect qualities within my Prism of Self, my essential energetic substance of self, that reflect as my circumstance, the realms I traverse on my heroic journey.

I choose to accept invitation and go to the Crestone Convergence Conference...

As I arrive I notice that there is an altar set honoring the elements. A sign of such realms of consciousness of the Deva. There is a confluence of coming together to honor spirituality and the Land, with a subtle backdrop of intent to embody change...

Story Dancer performs.

Music is shared.

The Dancing Begins.

As the music begins an intense anxiety arises in my form. I follow my guidance to go out to the land to clear it directly by bringing my awareness into it, breathing and giving forgiveness. I am here with a community of most beings in redeemed intention, and I recognize it bringing up old wounds. Such is not easy, yet it is the processing of my portion of the collective distortion. This is the healing for the whole, it must be done in order to embody the remedy and trasnform the circumstance.

After processing, I lay down in the truck to rest for a while, and head in when it is dark. Nearly everyone is gone, except a select few who are there as a ceremonial team to bring the energies to close. Adam Apollo is DJ'ing and I begin to flow in resonance to the symphony of sounds. Ah, there is an easement, a resonance amidst our interaction. The music comes to a close and we circle up, sharing prayer around the altar...

On the way out I first encounter Ben Bowler, who is a truly noble and sincere being, he shares a beautiful reflection with me and is very supportive. He speaks to me of surrendering the will to the higher will, of being a vessel for the divine will. We then encounter Estaryia Venus, Victory and Adam Apollo...we walk and pray with the land, underneath the moonlight. The night comes to a close and we all part ways.

The next day, after more practices and clearings with the land, with focus on a personal form of earth energy chi gong, or deva yoga, working with the elemental energy of the land and flowing energy through my form, along with elemental breath work...I receive inspiration to go to the conference center.

Walking in I encounter Sharron Rose, of Sacred Mysteries Productions, and she shares that "its almost over". and I reply, "well, maybe its not worth going in." she shares, "check it out." with a smile. I head in, and just at the perfect timing. This is the Art of Arriving, life unscripted. I arrive to witness the end of a presentation by Adam Apollo about the Convergence Academy, that promotes the return to the garden, and inter spiritual exploration...I feel a deep alignment with our organization, Into the Mythica.

Adam Apollo sharing the Convergence Academy - an online spiritual academy and learning community centered around the motif of the Garden

Part and parcel to the teachings that encompass the New Paradigm, and the return to the Garden, is the presentation by Adam Apollo of the Convergence Academy, along with the Superluminal Academy Network, namely the Guardian Alliance.

There, I look next to the seat next to me, and a face turns toward me. It is Star Chema, who I haven't seen in months. The timing is divine. She smiles and turns to tears of joy at the divine orchestration of it all. After encountering one another at the DreamWeavers Sanctuary, Star and I travelled deep into the Navajo lands on a sacred mission to connect with the farmers and the land there, to make connections and share the powerful knowledge of hemp, before I went to Standing Rock to pray with the waters. She is the one who introduced me to the sacred waters of Twin Springs, and we have gone very deep into the Mythica together...we very much share the Magdeline and Christ codes.

realmsign - EDEN

After the presentation I go on a walk and encounter this realmsign, a Mary looking figure, the sacred feminine, standing next to the entry sign to Crestone, which at the bottom reads "EDEN". I head back to the conference room, only to arrive to another manifestation of Mary herself...

The Art of Arriving - everything I share here was not planned or set up, but rather what I arrived to and witnessed. I am blessed to arrive from my walk with the land, after witnessing the realmsign of EDEN in the cafe, to witness Estaryia Venus, an Avatar of Healing Sound and a Goddess, in sacred song and healing tone.

A truly magickal occurrence. I enter the hallway and encounter Patricia Faust, Sharron Rose and Ben Bowler. I ask if they have seen Adam Apollo, or any members of the Guardian Alliance, as we had intended to drop in together. I head outside, intending to find Adam, and of course, I get a few steps in and he is walking the path towards me. Such illustrates the nature of synchrony and collective consciousness, that there is no separation. We drop in for a very magickal connection. I can feel the resonance, and a type of soul family feeling, like brothers of the Stars and the Land.

the surface

We go into the Mythica, and share ancient memories of other lives. I share a memory that came when with the mushroom medicine of being on a moon, weaving a holographic helix into a star map, that represented all my past lives work, to physically embody this divine template for Heaven on Earth. Adam, being the star being he is, shared his memory of weaving holographic helixes together in another life with his twin flame. As we look into each others eyes, Adam remarks that he feels the Elf within me, and as a reflection of himself. That tone, that of the merging of the Stars and the Land, is the deeper octave of our shared awareness, in the subtle underplanes of the Mythica.

I shared that it seems we are all tapping into different aspects of the same Grand Vision. He replied, "Different facets of the same crystal."

Stars upon the Earth

Prayers are had, and the gathering of the tribes comes to a close. A ceremony is led by a Mayan Priest, honoring the four directions and the elements...Kali assists him, who is the one who came from Mexico to study with another Mayan Priest to become a Mayan Priestess, and the one I gave my room up to in the sanctuary. Later on, I come to find that the two had never met, yet lived nearby each other in Mexico...

As the gathering comes to a close I encounter Victory again, one of my first comments being how auspicious her name is. I enquire as to an abundance opportunity she had presented earlier and we have a beautiful sharing. Her name is realmsign, that of victory, of the clearing being the way back to Heaven on Earth.


It is the perfect way for the experience to come to close. I feel clear, and peaceful, ready for the Quest to continue, grateful to have encountered such beings of quality and luminance, and to witness a new era dawning.

The Quest Continues. Visit Into the Mythica to read more, or if you are on my timeline, close this to continue reading.

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Joshua Faust

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