Man in the High Castle A Slice of Life in Nazi America

What if the Axis Powers carried the day and won WWII? Phillip K. Dick was fascinated by this idea and wrote his acclaimed novel Man in the High Castle based on it.


Phillip K. Dick was born December 16th, 1928 in Chicago. He wrote 44 novels and 121 short stories before his death on March 2nd, 1982 due to two consecutive strokes.


Man in the High Castle was published by Putnam Publishing in October 1962.

Setting & Plot

Man in the High Castle is set in the remnants of the United States after the Axis Powers won in World War II.

President Roosevelt was assassinated in 1933, leading to the United States being crippled and at a loss. Germany attacked the East Coast the Japanese took the West Coast, leading to the States falling under Nazi control.

Years later, Hitler lives a cripple with a new Fürher leading the Nazi Empire, with America under their foot. People lead their lives under the eternal regime, and the world adjusted. Mostly.


As Man in the High Castle shifts perspectives often, and there is no real central character, here are some members of the expansive cast.

Robert Childan - A peddler of forgeries of artifacts from pre-Nazi America. He sells to the curious Japanese and is a raging racist against them, but he keeps that last part under wraps.

Played by Brennan Brown in the 2015 Series

Nobusuke Tagomi - A mysterious Japanese business man who buys forgeries from Childan and gets tangled up in things that aren't his business. He and Frank share the title of the most prominent characters, as they have the most POV sections in the book.

Played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa in the 2015 Series

Frank F(r)ink - The creator of the forgeries sold by Childan, and a Jew who changed his name to avoid the Anti-Semite Nazi Regime. He is one of the more prominent characters that is tied for the most sections with Tagomi.

Played by Rupert Evans in the 2015 Series

Baynes (Rudolph Wegner?) - A member of the German military intelligence that does all sorts of cool spy stuff and intelligence transferring. He goes by several Aliases, so we don't know exactly what his name is. His loyalty to the Nazi Party is also questionable, as he is introduced by giving a rant about what he dislikes about the party.

Played by Carsten Norgaard in the 2015 Series

Writing Style

Man in the High Castle constantly shifts perspectives between it's main characters, detailing their seperate yet interconnected lives on a chapter by chapter basis.

Created By
Jacob Chapman


Character photos are from the 2015 Amazon Series

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