On the Homefront Terrah Williams 5

Before the war men were the breadwinners, the woman took care of the children and stayed home cleaning. When men were enlisted, no one was there to work in the factories or make money for the family, so the women took over these roles. Women were the secret workers stepping in for mens jobs and putting together groups to collect blood and needed materials, as well as comforting their children.

Each day women worked to maintain their homes, jobs, children, and still found time to collect bloods, teach children to collect scraps and save materials. Women industry helped the war effort tremendously, building weapons and war machines. As they helped the war and men, they helped raise expectations for women. Even General Eisenhower felt that he could not win the war without the aid of women. Several opportunites opened for women as the men left for war, they drove trucks, repaired airplanes, worked as lab technicians, rigged parachutes, served as radio operators, analyzed photographs, and test-flew newly repaired planes.

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