Mentoring with Karla Mason Photography

Hey Guys,

I'm so happy you're thinking of me when it comes to elevating your business. Whether you've been at this for years or you're just starting out, there is still so much to learn! I would love to offer mentoring to you because I feel it's so important to do it right, rather than take a shot in the dark and hope you're doing things right. I started my business in boudoir in January 2016. Went straight from "shoot and burn" to IPS (in person sales) overnight. My business went from 0-100 and I started profiting within the first year! I definitely learned A LOT along the way and I'm happy to share that with others. I could definitely lead you in the right direction based on the things that I have learned/struggled with as a boudoir photographer. Let's keep your business 100% YOU and make 6-figures while doing it!

We can do this one of 2 ways..we could Skype/Zoom OR you could make a weekend of it and come here (Stafford, VA) for a one-on-one workshop with me! Business, pricing, marketing, live shooting, etc. I first need to know what you're wanting to learn! I use ACR/Bridge/PS for my work, but my workflow can be converted if you're a Lightroom user as well.

SKYPE/ZOOM: 4 hours: $950

Half down to book your first date, we'll chat for 2 hours, then the other half is due to set up your next 2 hour chat) or we can sit down and do all 4 hours at one time! Topics can include anything having to do with your business where you need the most help. This is completely tailored to get YOUR business going in the right direction. If you have no clue where to start, I can help! This also includes a 30-minute follow up call to see how things are working after your date!

*no handouts included

One-Day In Person: 6 hours $1500

This is all strictly business! We'll talk about your why, social media presence, marketing, booking clients, workflow, pricing, editing, IPS and much more! A booklet will be provided for you to take notes and will be filled with tips and tricks that I do/use to keep my business booming! This also includes a 1-hour follow up Skype/Zoom call after your date to see how things are working for you!


*lunch will be provided as well as access to my "Quickie Editing Tutorial" where I show you how I edit every single image

2-day In Person: 12 hours total $2300

Day 1 will include everything from the one-day in person mentoring and Day 2 is the fun part! The second day will include the live shoot with a model. We'll be going over my workflow of posing and we'll both be shooting, talking camera settings and you'll get PLENTY of images to use in your portfolio! Then we'll sit down after the shoot to cull and edit some images together! We can chat about how I present my images to the client during a reveal session and go over all the products that I offer. We'll wrap up with any additional questions that you have, but don't worry, I'm always here if you need me afterwards!


*lunch will be provided for both days, as well as access to my Workflow Tutorial and posing mobile app!

$500 deposit required to pick your date for an in-person mentoring. The remaining balance is due 1 week before your date. All in person mentoring is done in my home located in Stafford, VA. If you want me to come to your studio, the pricing is the same PLUS the addition of all travel costs for me to come out (flight/gas, hotel, rental car).


You read that right, I have an OnlyFans....but for photographers! It's just $24.99/month to get access to weekly topics on all things business and boudoir! It's more of a "generalized" teaching approach, where as the one-on-one is tailored specifically to you, but still great to have! I'd love to have you there as another option to keep learning! Everything from posing, to editing and live videos of me working with clients. I want to see your business grow! xoxo

Are You Ready to Start Making Some Money!?

Email me below so we can start talking dates! I only hold 2 mentoring sessions per month so let's book you a spot now! Send me a quick message whether you'd like Skype or In Person mentoring, along with your top 5 topic you'd like to cover and we'll go from there! See you soon, xoxo

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