Learn Your Drive

To make your dream or goal become a reality, you have to learn how to drive. I don't mean driving your car, but instead, what is driving your heart? What is driving your passion? What is driving your will? That drive is called your inner drive. I have never heard of anyone successful with a low internal drive. You need that "drive" to wake you up when you are sleepy. You need that inner drive to get you to the gym when you feel lazy. With that said, here are three easy ass tips (and I mean easy) to help you build and your inner drive. It all starts with a little appreciation.

Tip# 1: Appreciate Your Greatness

It is hard to get pumped-up and inspired about something when you don't see the greatness inside you. First, recognize your greatness every day you look in the mirror. Each one of you has something unique to offer the world. When you realize and acknowledge your greatness, you will be inspired to take action needed to reach your achievements.

Tip #2: Appreciate Your Whole Self

Too many people criticize and belittle themselves to the point where their confidence is dead. What has helped me in life is appreciating all of me. I love the good, the bad, the weird, the crazy, the intelligent, the passionate, the lazy, and the greatness within me. I love all of it. Knowing that I will never be perfect in any area of my life is freeing and humbly. The lack of perfection drives me to embrace and appreciate the process of life. Furthermore, it drives me to run toward the unforeseen.

Tip #3 – Appreciate Your Success

"I am not good at this." "I am not good at that." All I hear is blah, blah, and blah. How does that help you? If you want to build your inner drive, appreciate your success in the past. Here is the key to completing tip three; you can't minimize your success. If you graduate from high school or college, then you should appreciate that success. Many people downplay their small victories in life, to the point that it kills their drive to push forward. You can't play small, expecting the BIG reward.

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Ron Lewis


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