Digital Portfolio Fine Art Preparation

Upside down eagle drawing

Artist Statement

Welcome to my Digital portfolio for Fine Art Preparation where I show my improvement from the first day of class to now. This portfolio shows my slow but noticeable change in my drawing ability throughout the quarter including my shading techniques and my use of darker values to gradually make my picture get darker.

Upside down horse drawing

Homework assignment

Shading exercise

Post-Instruction drawing

Drawing with four values to show dimension

Summative mid-point still life drawing



I used formalism to make my drawings look as real as possible. I drew all of my drawings from either a magazine or a real object.


All of my drawings were drawn to the best of my abilities and they were shaded to the best of my abilities. I took my time making these drawings and I used my best drawing ability.


I think that all of my drawings say something about me. The S.A.S symbol represents that I love the military. The football and helmet show that I love football.


Overall my drawings are pretty good for my drawing level and I can try to improve over the rest of the year and make my drawings the best that they can be.

Still life drawing
Penny Bridge/Table

visual art written assessment

My artwork shows a painting in emotionalism form. It shows a dream that I have had multiple times where I am at the top of a cliff, and I see a village. All of the houses have lights in them and I see people moving. Then I turn around and see these spikey hands slowly move towards me. I then fall down the cliff and hit the ground. I then look at the village and then I wake up. I did this painting because this dream interested me and I thought it would look good drawn or painted. I used Acrylic paint to make it look the brightest.

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