Places I Would Like To Visit Chelsea stelter

1. Tokyo, Japan because the culture is very different from here in America and I am interested in seeing what it's like in a big city that isn't in America
2. London, England because I have always found the tourist spots in London appealing
3. Belize, Italy because the water always seems clear and the many things you can do while near the water is appealing
4. New York City, New York because, though it is in my home continent, I have never been there and I enjoy visiting the big cities
5. Paris, France because I have taken many French classes and learn much about the culture and what France as a whole has to offer.
6. Canada because, while it is right around the corner, I have learned a lot about Canada during French class and believe that it has a lot to offer
7. Athens, Greece because it has a lot of history and I believe that it would be a beautiful place to visit
8. Switzerland because I have family that live there but I have never gotten to visit. I have seen pictures when I was young and would like to see it for myself

Golden Gate Bridge

Death Valley


Yellow Stone National Park

Universal Studios

9. California because I have yet to visit. It has a lot to offer as a tourist with many national parks, museums, and other attractions such as Universal Studios

10. Germany because my dad's side of the family is from Germany and my great grandmother grew up in Germany. I would like to go there to get a feel for what she loved so much about it


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