TV Make alicia leong : production assistant

- ̗̀ final footage of our production ̖́-

- ̗̀ rehearsal footage ̖́-

Looking back at our rehearsal footage, it looks like everyone was very hard working and dedicated to making our final make a success. Everyone was rushing around and communicating with each other through the microphones, it was a nerve-wracking experience but I would definitely do it again because it was exciting and new to me.

It was hard for me, as the program assistant, to get the hang of cueing in the VT's and lines as it was very fast-paced and demanding. But I managed to get the hang of it and I am satisfied with how I did in the control room. At the beginning I was a little overwhelmed at the professional atmosphere and was a bit clueless as to what I could help out with!

Our group did plenty of rehearsals before we started on the real take, we had some trouble with getting the VT's on screen during the rehearsals but I am really happy with our final footage as it is relatively smooth and presented very well.

- ̗̀ how to make the sweaters ̖́-

1 : 17 : 2017

Last lesson our group completed our live make, in the beginning it was very busy in the studio and everyone was rushing around making last minute changes to the script. Despite the stressful atmosphere everyone stayed calm and polite. I found collaborating with everyone very enjoyable and I liked being PA because it was fun to be helping the director and cueing the cameras and VT's in. Our group worked well together because everyone listened to each other and we all had the opportunity to contribute our skills and ideas.

The process to making our final live make was quite chaotic. We spent a lot of time brainstorming as well as planning out our set. We changed our make multiple times due to our limited budget and the difficulty of making our chosen DIY.

- ̗̀ shared google doc for planning ̖́-
- ̗̀ our allocated roles ̖́-
Jacqueline, Hrishita and I were the scriptwriters for our group. We collaborated on a google doc and edited each other's writing. The script was finally finished and I think we did a good job on it.
- ̗̀ the heading ̖́-
- ̗̀ my letter of application ̖́-

- ̗̀ research on my role ̖́-

As Production Assistant to our live make I had to be organised, supportive and calm under pressure. The responsibilities of the job are:

  • Clearing Copyright
  • Booking studios, production equipment, performance and production staff
  • Organising meetings and interviews
  • Making sure the cues and timing are correct during recording
  • Times scenes during rehearsal and calculates overall program timing
  • Notifies various departments of changes in daily operation schedules.
  • Budgeting

2 : 9 : 2017

- ̗̀ tv show analysis ̖́-

I have chosen to analyse a popular tv series shown on NBC called 'The Voice'. The series is incredibly popular on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. The four judges are very active on their personal accounts and tweet real-time about their favourite contestants and experiences on the show. This is advantageous for the series as it is free advertisement to millions and millions of followers due to the celebrity status of the show's judges.

"A strategy for increasing Internet traffic related to a single show is the placement of hashtags on the screen during dramatic moments of the show, for example NBC's reality competition The Voice places #TheVoice on the screen during the part of the show where contestants get eliminated."

Viewers will feel more connected to the show because of their ability to comment on a video or image. Audience participation is a widely used technique to gain even more ratings and views for 'The Voice'. Their Youtube Channel features 'behind the scenes' videos as well as short trailers and mini-games, this is an effective way for the show to market themselves as it appeals to audiences of the younger generation who have an easy access to social media. Not to mention audience voting is a huge factor of the show. Audience can vote online for their favourite singers and their votes are the deciding factor to whether the contestants go through to finals or not.


- ̗̀ tv make analysis ̖́-

The make that I have chosen to analyse is a video uploaded by 'catcreature' or annabelle on youtube. She has plenty of 'Do it yourself' tutorials on Youtube and I believe her videos have a lot of visual appeal due to the simple editing and minimalist style for example, Annabelle utilises a simple white background and font. This video is very methodical and she puts the step markers so that viewers don't get confused. I believe her content is aimed more towards teens and adults as these sort of DIY's are popular amongst the teenage age group and it would interest them more than children or elderly.

- ̗̀ smooth transitions and simple aesthetics ̖́-

In this make, 'catcreature' is the only presenter and explains what to do through the text. She expresses her personal tastes so that viewers could relate to her and get to know her better. Her videos in general are quite relatable and relevant to modern social media. The materials and video aim are presented in a straightforward manner in white, bold lettering.

The style of language that is used is casual and friendly, although sometimes her instructions can seem a little demanding. Despite this, it draws viewers in as the aesthetics are very pleasing to the eye. The transitions in the video are also skilful and quick.

- ̗̀ bold title and establishing scene ̖́-
- ̗̀ identity of the program ̖́-
- ̗̀ finished make - how it should look like at the end ̖́-
- ̗̀ materials needed ̖́-

The shots in this video are mostly from a bird's eye view, only showing the hands and materials. The cuts are fast paced but it is easy for viewers trying to do the DIY to get a hang of things. This make is broken down in to 7 steps so that it is simple to follow. To condense the make into a short time period catcreature edits it so that it seems almost like a stop-motion with bits and pieces of the make slowly appearing and assembling themselves. It is fun and playful.

Overall, I think the make could have been improved if catcreature had added a voice over going into more detail over the top and slowing down the video slightly so that it could be more understandable and have less of a rushed feeling. However, the editing is very smooth and professional, I think the transitions are creative because they incorporate the materials used. Eg - as Annabelle swiped the cardboard away the scene transitioned to the next title sequence.

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