Whitkirk News! 22nd january 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

First of all, I just want to say that I hope everyone is well and bearing up with harsh weather and some difficult media coverage as the impact of covid continues to hit. We are working so hard to keep connections with our whole school community and really cherish the Friday celebration assemblies, the communication on social media and of course online remote learning to get contact with the pupils who are able to come into school. Our half term will end with a series of events linked to storytelling and our Health and Well Being week - we hope this will give everyone a lift. I remain inspired every day by children's resilience - those at home and those in school and I personally find this the greatest mood raiser of all! Our school team are working really hard to keep the connections going and we all look forward to having the classes full again; to having celebration assemblies on a Friday in person, and to our regular events which form such an important part of our curriculum. In the meantime, we are celebrating learning at home, learning in school and general wonderfulness across our community! Take care everyone and stay safe.

Read, read and read some more!

Mrs Walker is busy sprinkling her fairy dust on reading areas in classrooms for when children return. She has made a start in Year 6 and let's put it this way, I can't wait for a visit to Starbooks Cafe! You now should have received information about how you can access books on Oxford Owl- this is a fantastic resource that has book banded reading books for pupils. We can't stress the importance of you reading with your child at home regularly. Please keep reading and sharing this with your class teacher! https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

The YouTube link below leads to 20 high quality story times. They’re ideal for children to listen to whilst you're busy doing jobs or maybe trying to juggle working from home yourself. It's just as important - if not more - that children hear stories being read, as they do to read them themselves. 


Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads. This week it was Jacqueline Wilson and the Story of Tracy Beaker. We are looking forward to finding out about what the book of the week is next week.

What are our teachers reading?:

Each week, an adult in school will either share a book they are reading or recommend their favourite story! I thought I would make a start- I love reading children's books and the Amazon Delivery driver is forever knocking on my door. As I LOVE chocolate, this seemed to be the perfect book to read. Goodnight Mister Tom used to be one of my favourite books to read in UKS2 and as you can see on the cover, it says it's "a Goodnight Mister Tom for today". I will let you know what I think- if anybody else wants to read it too, I'd love to chat to you about it! - Miss Quarmby

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


This this week in Reception we have been learning all about the vets! In school, we have discussed the importance of a vet's job, discovering what tools vets can use to help animals and how we can care for own pets. We have also been learning about how vets take x-rays and we created our own labelled animal x-ray art. In maths, we have been learning all about mass and capacity. We have loved learning maths practically at home; we have compared the weight of objects and explored full and empty with glasses of squash. Some of the children were able to turn their glasses of squash into musical instruments and make patterns with the sounds. What a fantastic week!


In school, as scientists, Year 1 have been exploring and learning all about materials. Blot, an alien from Planet Glog, came to visit us to learn all about different materials! We looked at and described the properties of materials like rubber, plastic, glass, metal and wood. We were surprised to find how many different objects in our environment were made from these materials!

This week, the Year 1 home learners have been learning about the story Rapunzel. We have sequenced the events of the story and have written a character description of Rapunzel in the hope that somebody will find her and rescue her from the tower! In PSHE, we have been discussing the different types of jobs people do to help us. In Science, we have been exploring materials and looking at which materials different objects are made from and why. We are getting very confident at comparing groups of objects and numbers in Maths.

Another action packed week for Year 2! We have been learning all about signs and symbols in RE, learning about how important roles in our community are in PSHE, adding and subtracting money in Maths, story writing and sequencing in English and creating fabulous pieces of Art based on the artist “Hunterwasser.” All children in school and those doing home learning are continuing to impress Mrs Gale and Mrs Williams with their hard work and tenacity. Well done Year 2!


This week in English, we have been writing letters to Egypt about a special expedition. I have been so impressed with the children’s use of fronted adverbials and conjunctions. In PSHE, we discussed all the recent changes and then made our own rainbow toolkits with all the different things that can help us to cope with change. We have continued to enjoy our Ancient Egypt topic and loved learning about the discovery of Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus!

This week, Year 4 pupils have been delving deeper into their topic - Is Water a Friend or Foe? The children, both at home and in school, have amazed us with the learning they have been doing and work they have produced. In Geography, we explored the different features of a river by going on a (virtual) journey down a river. The children's diagrams to show their findings were very detailed and clear! In Art, we have been learning about a famous picture - The Great Wave of Kanagawa. The children have done an amazing job to recreate this artwork, focusing on using warm and cool colours to show the contrast. An amazing week Year 4! Well done!


Year 5 never fail to make us proud! This week has been particularly challenging with assignments, different meetings and then to top it off, fractions were thrown into the mix! Our school value of friendship has shone this week. All the children are offering to help each other out as best as they can through a screen and the teamwork is consistently high in the classroom too. Our theme this half term is all based around Design & Technology and we had lots of videos sent in of children creating their own paddle boats with any recycled materials lying around at home/classroom. Improvisation, determination, and imagination all rolled into one! Let's see what next week's challenge brings! Well done Year 5.

Move over Shakespeare, Whitkirk Year 6s are in town! As writers this week, we have been combining skills that we have developed over the past few weeks to create our own version of Macbeth's second visit to the witches. The children created such good writing both in school and remotely that their descriptions could inspire Shakespeare himself! They have been getting to grips with assignments, online calendars and links to assemblies! Mrs Stout was super impressed that we had over 70 children joining in with her KS2 assembly on Tuesday all about showing kindness to each other, but also ourselves!

Star of the Week!

We hope you all have a safe and restful weekend!

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